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The shocking reason why BTS banned gifts from fans

If BTS loves its fandom so much, why did the members refuse to receive their gifts? New fans might not know this but BTS used to accept gifts from fans till five years after their debut! However, in 2017, the members issued statements asking fans to stop! Wondering what made them do so? Continue reading to find out what exactly happened!

  • BTS debuted in 2013 with their single ‘No More Dream’
  • They received a lot of love from people and soon their fandom grew to a size of 30 million!
  • Initially, BTS received a lot of gifts from their fans and appreciated them
  • However, something happened and the boys refused to accept gifts!
BTS and their fans 

BTS and their fans share a very close bond unlike any other you will see! Yes, there are many fandoms and they all are great! But it is very well-known even among western artists that the love and support BTS fans have given their idols is unmatched.

BTS at Billboards

Many international icons such as John Cena, Halsey, and Max, have recognized and appreciated the mutual love BTS and its fans have for each other. During ceremonies such as Billboard Music Awards, BTS fans are known to make their presence felt. Their screams shake up the entire venue and when that happens, everyone in the room knows BTS is attending the ceremony and their fans are gushing over them!

BTS in suits!

Well, then why did BTS stop receiving gifts from their fans? Aren’t gifts supposed to be one’s expression of their love and support? If you’re wondering these questions too and thinking why BTS rejected their fans’ support like this, then let me tell you what exactly happened!

BTS members received some really luxurious gift items! Jungkook, on his birthday, once received 8 iPhones and many gold bars! Jimin’s room filled with designer clothing and many times, other members received properties and cars as well! The boy band realized that these gifts were being bought using a lot of money which could be used for something better! Therefore, Jungkook, RM, and Jhope released statements in late 2017 asking their fans to use this money to support those who are in need! 


BTS performing Boy with Luv 

It is very easy to think that BTS rejected their fans’ love. But this is not what happened. The boys actually used themselves as role models for their fans to bring happiness and love to the lives of those who need it the most! BTS clearly stated that they are lucky enough to have their fans and don’t need anything else. And since then, many charity projects have been conducted under BTS’ name by their fans. We stan kings, don’t we? 

Listen to BTS' song Pied Piper which they wrote for fans:

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