The shocking news Jisoo revealed about her dream job

A lot of idols in the K-pop industry arrive at auditions fully prepared. It is one of the most nerve-wracking moments of the trainee selection process. There is a lot these kids have to sacrifice for a career that might never take off. Read more below on what Jisoo had to share about her dream job in Blackpink's documentary.   

  • JTBC has cast Jisoo as the female lead in the upcoming K-drama ‘Snowdrop’.
  • Jisoo has a height of 5’3” and is the only female Korean idol to make it into the Business of Fashion 500 list. 
  • At the age of 25, Jisoo has 31.4 million followers on Instagram and is the face of DIOR. 
  • Her favorite genre of music is ballads.
Jisoo behind the scenes for Lovesick Girls

Have you ever felt like you had all the help and yet you could not find a way out? It feels the same for Jisoo. The singer revealed in Blackpink's documentary, Light Up The Sky, that people who have a clear idea of what they want to do in life are very lucky. Do you agree?

Jisoo carrying a novel at the airport

Jisoo then proceeded to narrate how she always wanted to be a writer. I was truly shocked to hear this! A world-renowned singer and fashion icon at the age of 25 had the dream of becoming a writer? She also opened up about how she would love to write a novel someday. Reading is one of her favorite hobbies. Well then, why did Jisoo not pursue it?

Jisoo in a concert

'I'm living a very different life than the one I thought I'd be living. I used to want to be a writer or a painter, although I couldn't paint very well. I joined the drama club when I was in 11th grade.' Apart from being a writer, she always had an interest in acting too. That's where her audition for YG Entertainment comes in. 

Jisoo backstage before a performance

I always thought everyone who came to these companies shared a common dream. It was amusing to see Jisoo admit her lack of research about the label and her focus being acting. However, Jisoo excelled in both the acting and idol department. Funny how life is, don't you think?

Jisoo is one of my favorite idols. Her dedication to her work shows one can learn to love things they may never have considered themselves destined for. After being the lead vocalist of the biggest female group in the world, her K-drama is being released in 2021 too.

Clearly, she is born to be a star! Is there a dream job you had to leave behind or are you lucky enough to be pursuing it? Do comment below. 

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