Why is the LGBTQ+ community obsessed with BTS songs in 'BE'?

BTS has just released a new album,' BE', and fans are ecstatic! The album includes seven self-produced songs by the South Korean band. Fans have some wild theories about two of the songs, Dis-ease and Telepathy. Read down below to see what fans are thinking!

  • BTS is the biggest boyband in the world with seven members!
  • The boys have a combined networth of $450 million!
  • 'BE' is the latest album released by BTS!
  • Even with a Twitter following of 27 million, all the boys are single!
BTS 'BE' concept photo

Dis-ease is a song produced and written by J-Hope! The lead dancer of the group has proved his fantastic songwriting skills! 

BTS Jhope 'BE' concept pictures

The song has a hip-hop vibe to it, alongside deep lyrics! It screams 'Hope World'! Fans are crying because of how much they love the song! 

BTS J-Hope hip hop artist

However, fans are speculating that the song is about the LGBTQ+ community! 

Dis-ease appreciation on twitter

Alongside Dis-ease, Telepathy is another song that is giving comfort to LGBTQ+ fans!

BTS' Suga produced the entire song! The last time Suga wrote and produced a song was 'Dead Leaves'. 

BTS producer Min Suga

This song, too, contains impressive lyrics and a comforting beat! 

Fan tweets about BTS

Fans all over the world are excited beyond belief for 'BE'. The team has not disappointed us! The songs are comforting and perfectly represent the members' feelings! Watch the music video down below and read even more articles! 

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