The secrets the K-Drama "Youth" reveals about BTS members

BTS’s devoted fans, aka the ARMY, can’t wait to watch the K-pop idols origin story in forthcoming TV show “Youth.” Rising stars will be play the BTS boys: Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook. Scroll down as we reveal all the secrets of this exciting project!

  • The BTS Universe (BU) is a fictional narrative created by Big Hit Entertainment’s corporation that develops amazing BTS music videos, includes an online comic series known as a webtoon, games, animations, short films and an awesome K-drama.
  • V is the only BTS member to show off his acting skills in a K-drama so far, appearing in TV hit “Hwarang” (The Poet Warrior) in a supporting role.
  • BTS Universe K-drama cast includes: Seo Ji-hoon as Kim Seok-jin. Noh Jong-hyun as Min Yoon-gi. Ahn Ji-ho as Jung Ho-seok. Seo Young-joo as Kim Nam-joon. Kim Yoon-woo as Park Ji-min. Jung Woo-jin as Kim Tae-hyung. Jeon Jin-seo as Jeon Jung-kook.

5 tips to enjoy the new BTS K-drama Youth to the max:

1) The TV series titled “Youth” has a gripping plot

BTS member Jin played by handsome actor Seo Jihoon

It starts telling the story of the fictional character of BTS member Jin who is trapped in a time loop. The only way that he can escape is helping his six friends to overcome their own various personal difficulties.

2) The ARMY crave to watch teen’s stories

BTS member V made his acting debut in historical drama "Hwarang"

We believe that BTS’s ARMY are super eager to see this drama because they really want to know more pieces to the puzzle behind the lives of the BTS members instead of hearing another song.

3) Youth is not a documentary

BTS documentary "Break the Silence" follows the stars on tour

The interesting thing about this program is that’s not just a mix of reality and fiction like the movie "Break the Silence." Instead, the drama is inspired on the group members telling their storylines in a creative and imaginative way.

It focuses on the theme of growing up, portraying seven young men navigating all sorts of challenges as they make their way into adulthood.

4) The drama touches good & bad times

BTS Universe K-drama is coming soon! - Source: Getty Images

Youth will specifically portray the suffering and troubles of being a teenager. It will bring moments of hope and love thanks to the value of friendship because the characters are going to learn to overcome obstacles together.

5) Are we going to see BTS members appearing in the show?

BTS stars are not going to act in the show, however the cast includes a lot of incredible young talent. The production team searched in the auditions for seven actors who have chemistry together because that’s exactly what makes the band so special. “Youth” will launch early in 2021.

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