BTS V for Love Yourself album photoshoot BTS V for Love Yourself album photoshoot

The secret move V from BTS uses to flirt with women

Want to impress you crush this Valentine's Day? V is the new 'Hitch' (Will Smith movie reference) and will help you out. The member of the popular boy group is known for his flirty personality and shared his tips with BTS fans. All you need is a rose and a water bottle, so get ready! Want to know his secret to winning so many hearts? Read below to find out!

  • According to BTS, V is the most charming member of the group!
  • His solo song 'Stigma' is about confessing your feelings to a lover. 
  • The star's favorite movie genre is romance. He loves watching the romantic movie called 'The Notebook'. 
V performing on Good Morning America

Besides being a worldwide singer, V is a part-time love guru too! He spends most of his Fridays on Weverse giving advice to fans. Isn't he just the sweetest guy? Weverse is a Korean platform where fans and idols can chat with each other.

Sounds fun, right? We all would love to talk with our favorite celebrities like they are our friends! Just imagine how cool it would be if V was actually your real-life best friend and gave you advice? I just got goosebumps! That would be so cool. 

BTS V for a magazine shoot

December 3rd, 2020 a Korean fan posted on 'Weverse' that she was going to meet her crush soon. Luckily, V saw the post and decided to help her out. You won't believe what the star did next!

He advised the fan that all she needs is a rose and a water bottle. The importance of the rose is understandable, but what would the water bottle be used for? Keep reading to find out V's secret move!

V posing on the set of Dynamite

‘When you meet, drink half the bottle of water and put the rose in it. Give it to the person you like’, the 26-year-old singer commented.

His reply was admired by many female Korean fans. Wow, his technique is quite unique! Don’t you think? I feel like this is a very creative way to express your feelings. No wonder his charms have everyone falling for him! Quite the heartthrob, isn't he?

V's simple and in-expensive method shows that the star is not a materialistic guy! Feelings are more important than showing off your wealth. The person you like gets a cute gift out of it too! Would you use this heart-fluttering method to confess your feelings?


V for Dynamite MV

It seems like V thinks that actions speak louder than words! I have to admit that his way to approach your crush is very clever. Wow, what a creative way to win someone's heart over. A fun little 'DIY' activity to show the person you like how much you appreciate them! It's cute and affordable too. This is the best trick I've ever heard of. I can't wait to try it!

If someone brought you a rose in a bottle, would you take it? Let us know in the comments below! 

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