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The secret meaning behind Jungkook's tattoos!

The 23-year-old BTS singer feels confident than ever with a total of 18 tattoos on his right arm! Defying the rules of Big Hit Entertainment, Jungkook has finally revealed his body art for the fans. Since you have seen his beautiful arm tattoos, you must be wondering the meaning behind them. Read below to find out the story behind each one of them!  

  • The 5'10" tall star got the tattoos in September 2019 and since then he is revealing them one by one.
  • For the love of his members and the fans, ARMY, he has tattooed their names on his hand.
  • With a net worth of $20 million, the youngest one from the band is a brand ambassador of multiple top brands like Hyundai, Fila, Samsung, and Chilsung cider.
Jungkook in the sunlight

Jungkook started showing his tattoos since the band's 'ON' era where he played the role of a boy lost in the woods. As South Korean television censors all the body inks and tattoos, we have been lucky to take a proper glance at our favorite idol's tattoos. So lets see what they actually mean.

1. The skeleton hand sign:

Jungkook's hand skeleton tattoo

He has a skeleton hand drawn on his arm showing the sign of love. Basically its one of the band's signature pose from the song 'Boy With Luv' where the members show their love and adoration for their fans.

Usually this gesture is shown by rock stars when they wish to say 'I love you' to their fans. We love how precious the fans are for Jungkook. It's the same for us too!

2. The most beautiful moment in life:

Jungkook's the most beautiful moment in life tattoo

BTS released the first installation of their album series 'The most beautiful moment in life' back in 2015. The concept and the whole album is really close to the members' hearts as it was their struggling period as a group.

They talked about their hardships and how the dark side of love affects people in the songs of the album. It was truly meaningful and hence, kookie has gotten a tattoo of this phrase in Korean letters which reads as Hwayang Yeonhwa on the inner side of his right arm.

This shows how much passion he puts into his music. Absolutely impressive!

3. Microphone:

Jungkook's microphone tattoo

Who has a better connection with the microphone than a singer? The owner of the bunny smile has a big mic tattoo on top of his forearm. Most of the time its hidden under his sleeve, but whenever it is unveiled we see that it's a true beauty!

4. ARMY:

Jungkook's ARMY tattoo

BTS' fandom is called ARMY, and it stands for Adorable Representative M.C for Youth. We all know that the band utterly adore the fans. But seeing Jungkook getting an ARMY tattoo on his hand just makes our heart warm. Become a fan of someone who is also a fan of you!

5. ARMY symbol: 

Jungkook's ARMY symbol tattoo

So apparently getting the name of the fans was not enough for our Golden Maknae. Hence, he decided to get their symbol inked on his hand too. It's in the bottom right corner of the hand and is super endearing. What he is so cute for? It makes us cry!

6. Heart:

Jungkook's Purple Heart tattoo

He also has a heart tattoo on his hand. Though it's drawn with black ink, it symbolizes a Purple Heart which is a trademark of BTS and ARMY's love commonly referred to as 'Borahae' meaning 'I purple you'. It was basically started by the second youngest member of the band V. Read the full story behind this expression here.

7. The phrases in X shape:

Jungkook's X-tattoo

At the top of his arm, Jungkook has a huge X shaped tattoo. It's not just a normal letter X but has two very important phrases on it. One strand of X says,

make hay while the sun shines

And the other one is,

rather be dead than cool

Since the very start, the 'Euphoria' star has talked about his aim of life,

It is better to be dead than to live without passion

this X shaped tattoo depicts the motto of his life. We couldn't believe our kookie is so thoughtful. He is an inspiration for all of us.

8. The red eye:

Jungkook's giant eye tattoo

Right next to the X-tattoo, he has a huge eye tattoo with a red pupil. He showed it this year in one of the band's variety show, RUN BTS' episodes.

Just like the other tattoos, its extremely attractive and is thought to be linked with his Japanese song 'Your Eyes Tell'. This was a romantic song, written by he himself for a Japanese movie titled with the same name. Both the tattoo and the song behind it are truly lovable!

9. Jungkook's birth flower:

Jungkook's birth flower tattoo

The 'Dynamite' singer has tattooed the drawing of his birth flower, Tiger Lily. This flower is usually connected with the meaning of prosperity, confidence and courageousness. We all know that our Jungkook is extremely fearless and confident. And as mentioned earlier he is a multi-millionaire too. So he is the true human persona of his birth flower.

10. The Love request:

Jungkook's Please Love me tattoo

Moreover, the Tiger Lily also means 'Please Love me' so, he has this phrase inked on his arm, next to the flower. As we all know that the BTS singer loves the fans with all his heart, so he asks them to give love to him and his music too. The way he is openly asking the fans to adore him is so charming. Just know this Jungkook, we love you so much!   

11. The debut data:

BTS debut date tattoo on Jungkook's hand

Last but absolutely not least, the K-pop idol has a tattoo of the band, BTS' debut date June 2013, below his right thumb. It's written in bubble characters and shows how dear the group and its members are for him!

Jungkook posing for the camera

These are all the tattoos of our K-singer which have been revealed so far. We hope and look forward to seeing his remaining tattoos in the near future and wish that he keeps showing them confidently!

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