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The secret behind Jungkook's love for meditation bracelets

The BTS singer has been spotted wearing mala beads, the symbolic tool for meditation, many times since last summer. All the band members change up their style often, so why is Jungkook so attached to these beads? Could it be from his girlfriend or a lover? What is the meaning behind it? Read below to find out!

  • Mala beads are Jungkook's favourite accessory. 
  • He even wore this bracelet in the music video of 'Run'.

The origin of mala beads

Jungkook wearing mala beads on a stage.

Jungkook is an adorable and soft person. He seems to really adore these mala beads and has been wearing a bracelet made of them for a long time now. These beads are used for prayer in many religions, such as Buddhism and Hinduism, and are even used for meditation. They are like the Catholic rosaries, and are usually made of gemstones, sandalwood, or even seeds. Jungkook is using them as a reminder to be mindful.

How mala beads are used

Jungkook peacefully resting.

Mindfulness is when you notice how you feel and what you are sensing at the moment. For example, you look around and notice how nice the flowers outside look. You notice how nice the air smells, and how happy you are to be next to your friends. His bracelet is a reminder to him to stay present and appreciate life. It is also a way to help release stress and anxiety. Jungkook is a cheerful and talented person, but his work schedule is tiring. It is his way of staying calm and grounded. 


A special gift from Jungkook's girlfriend?

Jungkook wearing a suit and smiling.

Jungkook even wore these beads in the music video for 'Run' shot for Japan. He adores the beads so much that it is possible someone special  gave them to him. It could be from a close friend or even a secret lover. None of the other members have been wearing these beads, so it must be very personal.

What do you think the mala beads mean to Jungkook?  Check out this video to find out more about Jungkook's cute facts!


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