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The scariest stories of female K-Pop idols

Fame comes at a cost, specially in the case of female K-pop idols. From getting bullied to getting death threats, they bear it all. The famous female idol, Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation, was kidnapped from a live show by a male fan. Similarly, Kyulkyung, a Chinese singer based in South Korea, was harassed by a male fan at a fan meeting event. So are you ready to see some of the scariest stories in music business? Scroll down to check out!

  • In South Korea, the culture of obsessed fans (Sasaeng fans) is quite common.
  • Idol agencies ban these fans from all social events of the idols, but they find ways to stalk the idols at the airports, hotels and even at flights. 
  • Apink members received death threats because the members went on blind dates in a variety show.

1-Yoona's (from Girls’ Generation) stalker

Yoona at the show

On SBS' show 'Strong Heart', Yoona shared that she got stalked by a fan, and he followed her home. She said that the man waited outside her apartment and even tried to enter inside the building.

Yoona looking like a queen

The 30-year-old idol managed the situation by calling him out. It's impressive that she handled the situation herself because it's terrifying to be stalked by a stranger at night.

2-Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation got kidnapped:

Taeyeon at the shoot

In 2011, Girl's Generation performed their song 'Run Devil Run' at a South Korean music show. During the performance, a crazy fan stepped on the stage and tried to pull Taeyeon. He even dragged her backstage.

Taeyeon at the stage

Luckily, the staff showed up at the scene and rescued the idol. It was a scary moment and the man got detained and arrested.

3-Mina from Twice received death threats:

Min with blonde hair

In 2017, a dating scandal between Mina from Twice and Bambam from GOT7 surfaced over the Internet as a candid photo of the two idols got leaked. In the photo, both of them were lying down and cutely posing for the camera.

Fan's post

Mina got a death threat over it. The internet user 'Ilbe user' posted a picture of them with a knife and captioned it as,

Unless you slap your boyfriend and rip his mouth, I’m going to come to kill you.

Management agencies revealed that it was a friendly picture and there was nothing between them.

Mina in red

It is time that the fans realize that celebrities are not their property, and they have their own personal lives as well. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below and check out the video of female idols sharing their unpleasant experiences!

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