The reason why Winter should be the leader of K-Pop group Aespa

On November 17, we had the pleasure of finally getting to know the sound and qualities of the 4 girls that make up the new K-Pop group Aespa. Although in the debut video “Black Mamba”, much of the attention was focused on the unofficial leader of the band Karina, fans could not take their eyes off the young Winter. Read on to find out more.

  • Winter, Karina, Ning Ning, and Giselle make up the new SM Entertainment girl group announced on October 26 and highly anticipated by fans.
  • Their world debut with the song “Black Mamba” is a total success on all platforms, becoming one of the most anticipated and successful female K-Pop releases of recent times.
  • The group's name represents the concept the band intends to introduce. The character "ae" means avatar experience and "spa" refers to the English word aspect.
  • This means that we will have a combination of real members with avatars in this new group, something never seen before in this musical genre.

As we already announced, despite the fact that the supposed leader of the girl group is Karina, the audience has laid their eyes on the angelic 19-year-old Winter.

Together with Chinese singer Ning Ning, they are the shortest in Aespa at 165 cm (5'5 "), but this hasn't stopped Kim Min Jeong from standing out among her peers.

Winter from Aespa.

There are two reasons why we think Winter could be the leader chosen by the My's (official name of the fandom of Aespa).

One of them is that she was a born leader, already in her high school years in Korea, the 19-year-old artist became vice president representing the students.

Voted by all her peers and praised as an extremely good and calm girl.

On the other hand, Winter's fan-cam has broken the record of views in a few hours with 1 million.

This is the highest for a newbie, even beating Blackpink.

It should be noted that in the stage performance of the song “Black Mamba” the four girls were great but Winter's performance in dance and vocals is unrivaled.

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