Karina from Aespa.

The reason why Karina from Aespa is the most beautiful in K-pop

Incredibly, a recently released group like Aespa is getting the attention of all fans of the genre. Their debut hit "Black Mamba" has led them to be nominated at the Seoul Music Awards and to be in the lineup for the KBS Song Festival 2020, but what has attracted the most attention in this new group is the beauty of their leader Karina. Keep reading and find out why she is so special.

  • Yoo Jim-in better known as Karina is a 20-year-old South Korean singer who spent 4 years training in SM to become an idol.
  • Karina is not only the leader of Aespa but also brings unique visuals to the group in addition to her talent for singing and dancing.
  • One of the characteristics of the idol is her empathy and serenity.
Karina after a live performance.

Long before being recruited by SM Entertainment, Karina already stood out in her town for being an "ulzzang" term which means pretty face.

In fact, it was through her social media full of followers that an agent of the company founded by Lee Soo Man contacted Jimin through a direct message to offer her an audition.

If you look at the pre-debut photos of the 20-year-old idol, you'll realize that she has an innate beauty.

Aespa's KArina pre debut picture.

The years of training in SM have also given her fluency on stage that makes everybody fall in love with her.

Karina is one of the sweetest of Aespa and her appearance is impeccable even though she is exhausted from rehearsing or performing live.


Her band mates admire her beautiful hair and slim body.

What do you think of Karina? Do you believe she can surpass the popularity of stars like Lisa from Blackpink?

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