The reason why Karina from Aespa is considered a hero!

SM Entertainment's new girl group Aespa was resounding success with their debut “BLack Mamba” on November 17, but the four girls that make it up have also been involved in all kinds of controversies since the band's premiere was announced on October 26, 2020. Read on to find out the bright side of the rumors surrounding Yoo Jimin AKA Karina.  

  • 20-year-old singer and dancer Yoo Jimin better known as Karina from Aespa is one of the Korean members of Lee Soo Man's new band.
  • Karina was the second Aespa member to be revealed and is presumably the leader of the 4 girl group.
  • With 4 years of training at the SM Entertainment company, the new idol earned a place in one of the most anticipated groups by fans of the genre.

The premiere of Winter, Karina, Ning Ning and Giselle was highly anticipated by the audience but also very controversial.

 Before the debut of the band, each of its members starred in a different controversy and was the target of unfounded rumors by certain netizens. 

Karina from Aespa.

The SM company reacted by threatening legal action against anyone who dared to defame any member of Aespa.

 In the case of Karina, it was a series of old messages where the artist supposedly criticized some senior idols like BTS saying that she considered them ugly.

Yoo Jimin.

At the same time, an alleged friend of the 20-year-old singer leaked an alleged chat conversation with her where the idol criticized her own record label. The messages were eventually deemed false.

Looking at herself in the mirror.

To defend Yoo Jimin, a former high school classmate came out who claimed that Karina was an incredibly good and caring person.

In fact, this young woman declared that the “Black Mamba” singer had defended her repeatedly in bulling situations.

The fact is that Jimin was popular in her student years and did not hesitate to use her status to help a partner in distress.

We are proud of our Aespa idol, and hope that more stories of this type will emerge about them instead of the malicious rumors.

Before you go, watch Karina's fan cam of “Black Mamba”.

Stay tuned for all the news about Aespa.

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