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The real story of the fan who tried to kiss Suga on the lips!

As unbelievable as it sounds, fans can go way beyond the limits to meet their idols! Some of these fans have now been black-listed by BTS’ label Big Hit Entertainment. However, one can never forget what a fangirl did to steal a kiss from the loving member Suga. Continue reading to find out the shocking details!

  • Since their debut in 2013, BTS has garnered a fan base of over 30 million people!
  • Suga, the lead rapper of the group, is very famous among fans for his dangerous looks and his mixtapes.
  • Although the $20 million worth K-pop idol has a loyal fan base, some people have created problems for him in the past!
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Whenever something bad happens to Suga, fans feel really sorry for him and angry at the troublemaker! This is because it is well-known among BTS fans that Suga has social anxiety, and he cherishes his personal space. However, there are some people, disguised as true fans, who have gone to extreme measures to evade his privacy. 

One such incident happened back in January 2019 when a sasaeng fan (Korean for an obsessive fan who stalks idols and invades their privacy) tried to kiss Suga. Twitter was charged with anger as fans got to know about this incident and ‘shooters for yoongi’ started trending on January 24th 2019.  

Fans were very quick to feel the pain their young idol must have gone through when the fan tried to attack him. Suga is known for talking to fans about how important his privacy is to him and fans respect that. But there are always some people who are a part of the fandom yet create problems like these. And the worst part about these fans is that they are the loudest on social media!

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BTS fandom demanded Big Hit Entertainment to sue the fan girl in court and charge her for assault. Although BTS’ label didn’t directly comment on the issue, they have assured fans that every such fan will be punished using legal measures!


When I got to know about this incident, I couldn’t believe something like this happened to Suga. I felt anger and disgust at the same time knowing that there are people who can go to any length to touch idols. I hope our young rapper has found peace after this incident and is never faced with any such situation again. What do you think about this incident? 

Watch the video of the sasaeng fan attacking Suga here:



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