Suga posing for BTS Butter photo album in 2021 Suga posing for BTS Butter photo album in 2021

The meaning behind BTS' Suga song ‘Shadow’!

The K-Pop idol applied all of his creativity to this BTS song that got over 100 million views in a year. What is the meaning behind his lyrics? Find out, below!

  • Suga is 28-year-old rapper with a net worth of around $20 million as of 2021. 
  • The Daegu born rapper is considered to be the second-fastest rapper in K-pop.

Shadow is about Suga's struggles

'Shadow' MV 

‘Shadow’ serves as the introductory song to the group’s album ‘Map of the Soul: 7’ released on 27th February 2020. When I first listened to ‘Shadow’, I was blown away! This is because the song talks about so many aspects that are not really being talked about, like anxiety and being afraid.

I run but the shadow follows, as dark as the light's intense
I'm afraid, flying high is terrifying

Suga really outdid himself, like always! 

Suga is scared 

'Shadow' MV

The song starts with the rapper telling how he always wanted to be a rock star. He wanted everything for himself, and now he has finally got it all!

I wanna be a rap star
I wanna be the top
I wanna be a rockstar
I want it all mine

However, is this fame really worth it? Suga talks about how ‘flying high is terrifying’. He opens up about how being so high in his career has made him scared of his own shadow that seems to be growing constantly. 

What is what he desires the most?

Photo from LY: Tear

‘Don’t let me fly. Now I am scared. Don’t let me shine’.

The 28-year-old is scared of his success because of how lonely it is up here. He asks himself, what is his problem and how can he fix it. 

"can leap in the air but also plunge, now I know
Running away could be an option too, pause"

Fame, comes with a lot of costs attached and Suga wonders if he can escape.  The song ends with a conversation with his alter ego, Yoongi.

"Yeah I'm you, you are me, now do you know
Yeah you are me, I'm you, now you do know"

That's a reflection of how artist can get confused with their roles as singers, or actors with a role and how he needs to go back to reality. 

Let us know in the comments what you think about the song. 

Watch 'Shadow' MV here:

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