BTS' original line-up BTS' original line-up

The original lineup of BTS, who else was among its trainees?

How was the original BTS lineup? These guys were also BigHit trainees

Did you know that BTS would have different members? Maybe they were more, meet other BigHit guys who were going to debut with this idol group.

The history of BTS has a lot of moments that ARMY knows very well, since before the debut of the idol group, its members were already beginning to move towards those dreams and goals they wanted to achieve through music. Working hard to hone their talents and skills so they can do their best in the K-Pop industry.

Little by little, Bangtan Sonyeondan's career has been transformed into the great success that the idol group has today. Of course, this was not something that happened overnight and in each new achievement all the effort, work and dedication of the members of this voy band are reflected, who stand out for everything they do and the skills they have.

Each stage of Bangtan tells us a little more about its members, talented and hard-working boys, passionate about music and grateful to the fans who have come together to support them since their inception. There are 7 talented artists who came together within this group to conquer ARMY and form the best team with the fandom.

But if we go back to the earliest form of BTS, what will we find? Learn more about the history of the group with the trainees who were part of the project and BigHit, but in the end they no longer debuted.

Who else trained to be in BTS? This was its original lineup

At first, BTS was a rap project, which is why the members that would be part of their lineup specialized in this type of music. The members back then were i11evn, HunChul, Hyosang, Suga, Supreme Boi, Benzino, J-Hope and RM. Some of these guys left the project, although they would continue as producers or on their own path through music.

BTS' original lineup | Twitter: @mikrokosmono

That's how BTS was at the beginning, then it was adapting better to an idol group. As you can see the rappers of the group were always part of the project and later Jin, Jimin, V and Jungkook were added to the final lineup that would debut.

It is also said that BTS would have an eighth member

There is a theory that BTS would have an eighth member, this has never been confirmed, but it could be since at first many more members of the idol group were planned and different from those that their lineup now has. But definitely no one would change the course of things and leave the 7 guys who are together today.

Did BTS have 8 members? | Twitter: @AlyssaLeyble

Now you know a little more about BTS and its history, so were the beginnings of this successful idol group of which we love each and every one of its characteristics. We wouldn't change them for anything in the world!

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, do you know what's the meaning behind the word 'Borahae'? We tell you everything about it.

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