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The one superpower V from BTS wants to have!

‘I’d like to talk to her’ said V in an emotional tone as he spoke about which superpower he wishes to have! Who is the woman V is talking about? During his ‘The Fairy Tale’ interview V spoke about how much he misses his grandmother who passed away in 2016. She was nothing less than a motherly figure for the K-pop singer. Continue reading to find out the details regarding this emotional confession by V!

  • V was born in 1995 in Daegu and was brought up by his grandmother.
  • His parents didn’t get much time to look after V because of their jobs, so his grandmother took care of him for 14 years.
  • When she passed away in 2016, V was in the Philippines for BTS’ concert tour and couldn’t be with her in the last moments.
  • He wishes to have one more chance to talk to his grandmother face-to-face.



During an interview, when V was asked which superpower he wishes to have the young singer replied:

“The ability to make everything I imagine appear…? I’d like to talk face-to-face with the person I want to talk to. I have lots of memories with my grandmother, so I’d like to talk to her.”

Growing up V faced a lot of financial hardships and was known as the ‘farmer’s boy’. His parents worked tirelessly to provide the necessities to him and were usually away for work. As a result, V spent most of his time with his grandmother who took care of him. When she passed away in 2016, V was visibly sad and even broke down in tears during BTS’ concert in the Philippines. 

V crying during concert talking about his grandmother 

Considering his grandmother took care of him for 14 years, it is no surprise that V misses her and gets emotional whenever he has to talk about her. The day she passed away was the same day BTS won their first award for their hit single Blood Sweat & Tears. The 25-year-old singer considered the timing for her passing to be very wrong as he couldn’t grieve properly and was busy with his concert. Now all he can think of is a chance to meet her again!


V is an emotional person and doesn’t share his feelings with his fans much. However, whenever it comes to his grandmother, V is open about missing her. I hope she rests in peace and V finds happiness even in her absence!


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