Suga from BTS smiling in 2021 Suga from BTS smiling in 2021

Suga from BTS is named "Worldwide Music producer"

The second-eldest member and the lead rapper of the group, Suga, has now set a new record! He has been named the "worldwide music producer"- Want to find out more? Watch the video below to find out! 

  • The 27-year-old from Daegu was the second member to become a part of BTS.
  • With a net worth of $20 million, he is an inspiration to millions.

His new introduction

In a new interview from June 27th, 2021, the host introduced him as "Suga Worldwide Music Producer". His reaction is hilarious.

Suga's hilarious reaction

Look at his face when he hears what he has been called! Of course, BTS fans, the ARMY, started trending on Twitter and Suga is still laughing about it! 

The true story behind his 'title'

Suga with Halsey

The young millionaire is known to collaborate with several artists, like legendary South Korean female singer ‘IU’ and the American singer and songwriter ‘Halsey'.

Suga and IU’s song

Suga and IU

The two collaborated on IU’s song ‘Eight’ in remembrance of her 28th birthday.  The orange island in the music video, is a symbol for a place where there is freedom and happiness. This beautiful song won the Best Collaboration award at the MAMAs 2020

The young rapper Suga, smiling

Suga became after that award in the first and only artist to win MAMA’s best collaboration award multiple times. He has won every year since 2017! We are so proud of you, Suga! 

If you want to know more funny stories about the BTS singer, check out this video about the time when he almost got married to a fan!


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