The new frenzy of K-Dramas is taking over the K-Pop world

K-pop is still hugely popular with BTS & Blackpink leading the charts. However, it’s not the only big Korean entertainment export. Korean TV dramas, popularly known, as K-dramas are incredibly successful because they’re a quirky, fun mix of genres and lush style. With so many choices on Netflix, Amazon and YouTube TV we have to warn you that they’re highly addictive! Keep reading as we reveal all the secrets to enjoying your new media obsession!

  • The Korean Wave known as “Hallyu” refers to the worldwide popularity of South Korea's explosion exporting pop culture, music, TV dramas and movies.
  • Korean dramas, aka K-dramas, are Korean language TV shows. They are made in South Korea but have huge international audiences. Full of K pop culture, cool fashion and style, they’re super glamorous!
  • Most shows have 16 to 20 hour long episodes so there’s enough time to immerse yourself in an enjoyable story without it never ending or moving too slowly. Once the plot line is finished, the show is over and you can get on to the next one!
K-dramas are increasingly popular and much more than a soap opera!

Tips to enjoy K-dramas and binge-watch:

1) Forget the soap opera stereotypes

K-dramas are usually described as soap operas, but that’s not true! They might have soapy elements, but they’re very imaginative and cross many genres like police crime stories, supernatural mysteries, romantic comedies similar to fairy tales or legends, and they also have historical fiction based on true stories.

Historical drama "Scarlet Heart Ryo" is fascinating!

"Scarlet Heart Ryo"

We recommend you to watch “Scarlet Heart Ryo” for a historical drama that also travels in time! The main difference with American series is that K-dramas usually only run for one season.

2) K-dramas take time but are totally worth it!

Most of them have 16 episodes maximum and their format is like a long movie with one main story arc that develops in the first couple of shows, so you need to be patient!

There is no end of season cliff-hangers or endless filler episodes.

"The Moon Embracing The Sun" historical drama poster

"The Moon Embracing The Sun"

Don’t miss “The Moon Embracing the Sun” the story of a princess who is poisoned and looks for help in enchantment and magic.


3) Powerful female characters

We love that romantic K-dramas have heroines that are strong women who can take on the bad guys.

“Strong Girl Bong-Soon”

A good example is “Strong Girl Bong-Soon” that shows you should always take a lady seriously despite her petite stature!

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