BTS in winter package 2021

The mystery behind the location of the new BTS photoshoot

Draped in dark black and gray clothing, BTS members took everyone’s breath away with the images from their winter package 2021. But have you wondered where exactly are the boys sitting in those pictures? If you're curious then continue reading to find out the details about this majestic location!

  • The Bangtan boys release seasons greetings and winter packages annually 
  • This year they had to film the package in South Korea due to coronavirus concerns and travel restrictions 
  • However, despite this, the expensive winter package costing $94 has every fan wishing to purchase it
  • Not only do BTS members look amazing in their long coats and sizzling hair highlights, but the location itself is a sight to behold!
BTS in Finland in 2019

Just when I was not over the winter package from 2020, BTS announced the release of its winter package 2021! The beautiful package is set to be out in the stores on February 19th 2021. The previous winter package was shot in Finland and it had fans going crazy over the photobooks! In fact, the winter package got sold out very quickly on Weverse shop.

BTS members in winter package 2021

What do you think is going to happen to the winter package 2021? I think this one is also going to get sold out in a few days. However, do you know that the location BTS filmed their winter package at is actually a very important scientific location?

Geo park in South Korea

The place is actually a geo park called ‘Neung Padae’ in Goseong-gun! The rocks are not just any ordinary rocks. They are the granites from the Jurassic period! As Twitter fans realized the truth behind this mysterious location, they are in awe of how majestic the sight looks! 


I don’t know about you, but I was very surprised when I got to know about this mysterious location! The way the boys are sitting on the granite from one of the most significant periods in science is giving me goosebumps! What do you think about the location, and why do you think BTS chose it?

Watch the winter package 2021's teaser:

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