Seungri at Seoul High Court

The 2 most shocking K-pop controversies that will give you chills!

Is being famous really as great as it seems? The strict rules of K-pop contracts and the pressure of being perfect eventually gets too much. Big Bang's legendary singer Lee Seungri was accused of running a prostitution ring at his club called 'The Burning Sun'. Music video director Cha Eun-taek was involved in fraudulent activities which traced back to the President of South Korea in 2016. How did South Korea react to these 2 major scandals? Read below to find out!

1. The Burning Sun Scandal 

Seungri at Seoul High Court

If you ask someone about K-pop they will definitely name the boy group ‘Big Bang’! The legends of K-pop’s second generation debuted under YG Entertainment in 2006. In May 2019, the youngest member of the group, Lee Seungri was investigated by the Seoul Police Department. 

The entirety of South Korea was shocked! What did he do?

Seungri being interviewed by reporters

The ‘Fantastic Baby’ singer was charged with running a prostitution ring under the name of a club called ‘The Burning Sun’. Apparently, the star was in touch with other K-pop idols in sharing explicit videos of women recorded without their consent.

Doing all this while having a huge female fan base, how sick is that?

Seungri for a photoshoot

 ‘I think I’d better leave the entertainment industry at the moment’, he posted on Instagram in June 2019.

This act caused the police to launch a full investigation against him. Later in January 2020, he was charged with the criminal acts of gambling and organized prostitution. This is the most shocking scandal I have ever heard of!

2. Cha Eun-taek's corruption scandal

Cha after his court hearing. Source: GettyImages

How does a K-pop music video director get involved in big corrupted activities? Cha Eun-taek, a well-known director, got involved with the wrong crowd! This huge scale scandal even involved South Korea’s President Park Geun-Hye in 2016.

Isn't that crazy? Was he guilty of his crimes?

Cha at Seoul High Court. Source: GettyImages

The ‘Gangam Style’ video director used connections to secure huge projects in private companies. The connection in question was one of the President’s close friends. Cha was charged with abuse of power and coercion. That’s awful!

In 2017, Cha Eun-taek was found guilty and put behind bars for three years. This gives a good lesson to those who misuse their authority. No one is above the law.  Don’t you agree?


K-pop always gets shown to the world as bright bubblegum pop music. While that part is true there is a darker side to it too. There are all kinds of people in the world. Do you know any other scandals about K-pop? Comment below!

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