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The most emotional moment for BTS' fans, the Army

Today the 7 little boys from Korea are known worldwide, but their journey to fame wasn't an easy one. They came from a small agency, which means they got no recognition or screen time. They got their performances cut without being informed. These are just some hardships our Bangtan Boys had to endure to get where they are. Are you strong enough to read the most emotional moment highlighting BTS' struggle from the past? If you have the courage, then read along!

  • BTS debuted under BigHit Entertainment in 2013. Their agency was struggling then, and today it has a net income of $82.4 million.
  • The 26-year-old leader, RM, mentioned that MAMA was the only award show that didn't invite them when they debuted, while they walked on the stage to collect all their grand awards.
  • Back when BTS debuted, they would go to award shows not to win but to perform for their fans. Today, they sell out stadiums such as the Rose Bowl. They had the most successful online concert in history that was viewed from 191 countries out of 195. 

When and Where

BTS posing for a picture in backstage

In 2016 BTS attended Busan One Asia Festival in Busan, South Korea, to perform for their beloved fans. RM was injured hence couldn't perform, but the boys were still prepared for their stage. However, the production team decided to cut their performance and give that time to some other artists. BTS was clueless about this.

What did Army do then?

Jimin preparing to go on stage

The boys were preparing to leave with no other option, but they forgot they had their own Army to fight injustice. Their fans started screaming and cheering for them. They stayed until the production team was forced to allow BTS to perform. 

How did BTS perform then? 

BTS performing in poor lighting

The boys performed when the lights were being switched off, there was confetti all over the floor, and they weren't provided any coverage either. But they kept the energy high, and Army cheered for them louder than ever. 

Why BTS deserves everything

BTS posing with their awards

Today, these clips and stories resurface every time the boys accomplish something huge. They still get hate, and some people say they don't deserve all this. If only they knew the struggle these young men had to go through for everything.

Sweeping the MMAs and MAMAs are nothing compared to the injustice they went through when they were still new. They truly deserve the Grammy nominee, the Billboard no.1s, and the love and prayers of millions. Watch their complete perfromance from the festival below!

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