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The 3 funniest wardrobe malfunctions of Blackpink!

Every performer has experienced the misfortunes of a wardrobe malfunction at least once. Due to the carelessness of the stylists, an idol may face mishaps with their clothing. In 3 different events, the members of Blackpink faced such issues. Jisoo's top unbuttoned during a performance, Jennie's dress was too short and Lisa's pants had a chain which broke! Oh no, how did they handle these situations? Watch the video below to find out!

  • Jisoo, Jennie and Lisa are members of K-pop girl group called 'Blackpink' that debuted in 2016.
  • The three multitalented stars trained under the label YG Entertainment. 
  • Lisa endorses luxury brand Celine, Jennie promotes Chanel and Jisoo is the muse for Dior.

1. Jisoo's top unbuttoned on stage

Jisoo performing at Coachella

In 2018, when Blackpink was performing 'As If It's Your Last' in Bangkok, there was a mishap! During the performance, the lower buttons of Jisoo's crop-top opened. Click here to see the clipping! To this, the crowd reacted with loud cheering. Do you think they were trying to warn her?

Quickly, the star buttoned her shirt and continued performing like a professional. That must have been embarrassing as her cheeks were red!

2. Jennie's dress being too short

Jennie performing 'Solo'

Fans have always been angry at members of girl groups being styled in short dresses. A similar issue occurred in 2018 with Jennie. The 'Solo' singer had to pull her dress lower again and again on-stage. Click here to see the clipping. How annoying must that have been?

Thankfully, her band member Lisa kept covering her from behind. Dancing in that dress was a nightmare surely! Why do stylists give such uncomfortable clothing to artists?

3. The chain on Lisa's pants

Lisa performing Forever Young

While performing their hit side-track 'Forever Young' in 2019, Lisa had a wardrobe malfunction! As she was dancing, the silver chain from her pant got loose and started dangling. The star could've been injured if she accidentally tripped on it. Click here to see the video of her performing.

The 'Kill This Love' rapper still gave an amazing performance. Don't you admire how cool they are?


Blackpink for How You Like That

A lot of idols are used to wardrobe malfunctions and recover from them quickly as they are mid-performance. I believe that stylists should give the artists proper clothing. Women have to perform difficult dance routines, and they should not be wearing short dresses or tight shirts. This will only cause them to be tensed during stages. It seriously seems like a hassle!

 Which wardrobe malfunction do you think is the most embarrassing? Comment below!


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