Park Jimin being shy in front of camera

The most embarrassing moment of Jimin from BTS

Park Jimin can be the most intimidating man on stage. The 25-year-old is known for his killer moves and expressions. However, in reality he is the shyest member of BTS. So what’s the one embarrassing moment he wants to erase from his fans’ memory? Keep reading to find out!

  • Jimin, who is a trained dancer was the seventh and final member to join BTS.
  • He is known for his loving nature and always takes care of people around him.
  • The 5’8” tall superstar topped the ‘Hot 100 K-pop idol’ ranking for 2020.
Jimin looking like an angel in white

After the release of BTS’ hit album ‘Map of the soul: 7’, Jimin blessed his fans with a surprise 'Vlive'. There he talked about his life during the pandemic and gave hope to his viewers. He also talked about his song ‘Friends’ and revealed his version of the infamous ‘Dumpling incident’. Watch the video here.

Jimin during the live

Suddenly, in the middle of the live, the 25-year-old got really awkward. He started acting weird and kept saying ‘This is going to sound really funny’. The fans got confused by his behavior until he revealed that

‘I’m really sorry, but please let me go to the bathroom’.

With a sheepish grin on his face, little mochi clenched his hair and left the room. He returned after a few minutes with a red flustered face, the word ‘embarrassed’ written all over his face.

Jimin during the Vlive

While the fans teased Jimin about the cute incident, he kept pretending as if nothing happened. However, he did try to shush his fans with his little fingers. Although ChimChim wants people to forget about the incident, fans can’t get over the adorable moment.

Jimin being shy

Unfortunately for little mochi, the video lives forever. So if you haven’t seen it yet then click on the video below!

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