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The meaning behind BTS' 'Permission To Dance' lyrics

'Permission To Dance' is trending worldwide. And the reason behind it will surprise you. The 3rd English K-Pop song from BTS has a deep meaning, and we will tell you everything there is to know behind the lyrics. Watch our reaction video, our analysis and conclusion, below! 

  • BTS dropped the trailer of the song on July 6th, 2021, three days before the actual release.
  • The YouTube music video of Permission To Dance got 33 million views in 7 hours.
  • On Twitter, the hashtag #PermissionToDance was trending worldwide.
  • 'Permission To Dance' is the third song completely written in English, after 'Butter' and 'Dynamite' and it was cowritten by Ed Sheeran.

Reaction video 

Meaning behind the lyrics

Permission to dance music video

This song talks about the 'permission'. After a tough year, now, everybody wants to go and dance and have fun.  Pursue, follow your dreams, do what you want. Life is one! If this pandemic taught us anything, it is that we have only one life, and we need to live it like we want.

When it all seems like it's wrong
Just sing along to Elton John

Elton John, the English singer, has amazing songs like 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight' and 'Tiny Dancer'. He broke the society stigma buy openly talking about his private life and supporting the LGBTQ+ movement.  BTS takes him as a reference for love and empathy. 

When the nights get colder
And the rhythms got you falling behind
Just dream about that moment

BTS Don’t Need ‘Permission to Dance’ 

The guys talk about the depression, those sad moments. BTS is there to help you, they encourage you to look yourself in the eye, believe yourself and be happy:

When you look yourself right in the eye, eye, eye
Then you say

I wanna dance
The music's got me going
Ain't nothing that can stop how we move, yeah

They aim to boost the confidence of BTS fans, the Army, by saying that is ok to fail, because you guys know how to keep going and succeed.

We don't need to worry
'Cause when we fall, we know how to land

RM during the music video of Permission To dance

There will be always obstacles in the way, but we need to face them and solve them! 

There's always something that's standing in the way
But if you don't let it faze ya
You'll know just how to break

When you 'keep the right vibe', everything will turn out to be positive. Depends entirely on you. Forget the past, focus on the future, and in improving yourself and keeping your loved ones happy:

'Cause there's no looking back
There ain't no one to prove

And finally the chorus:

Don't need to talk the talk, just walk the walk tonight
'Cause we don't need permission to dance

It means that we are owners of our own destiny, and we have the strength to make our dreams come true! 


BTS members during the music video of Permission to Dance

What does this song bring to you? To me, a sense of encouragement.  It's been a hard year for everyone. You might have lost some relatives during the pandemic, lost your job, your parents, you know someone who got the virus.  So, I think this is kinda a relief, a metaphor to say,

"Now Guys, we've been through, we've worked hard, now we have permission to dance"

So for me, this song gives me that feeling., That's it. Just wanted to leave you with that conclusion, and you guys know I give you permission to dance, be happy, enjoy, I'm getting emotional, but I think this is really, really deep and happy in a good way. It gives me the sense I now want to go and hug a total stranger, help other people.

I think that is what music is for. I work in music and I hear some dark lyrics, and it gives you this sentimental mood but these types of songs they don't only make you happy and want to dance but give you that internal and deep feeling that I think it's really important for the world right now. So, let me know what you feel, let me know guys know what is your favorite between this, 'Butter' and 'Dynamite'. We have permission to dance, permission to be happy, permission to enjoy, so let's do it! Have a really, really wonderful day, weekend, be happy. Thank you for reading!

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