Jimin in Dispatch photo in LA for BTS' 5th anniversary photoshoot Jimin in Dispatch photo in LA for BTS' 5th anniversary photoshoot

The magical bond between BTS Jimin and his father

Did you know that Jimin is very close with his father? If you have ever wondered where the singer's sweet personality comes from, then all you have to do is look at his parents, especially his dad. The father and duo have managed to warm every fan's heart with their warm and loving gestures towards each other. Scroll down to check out the cute moments between the son and the father!

  • Jimin was born in Busan, South Korea, on October 13th, 1995.
  • The talented singer has an estimated net worth of $20 million at the young age of 25.
  • He has kept a very good relationship with his father, Park Hyun-Soo, despite his busy schedule.
  • Fans of BTS's Jimin know just how close the singer is with his father. On multiple occasions, both Jimin and his father have expressed their love for each other. 

1) Jimin's father sending him flowers for his birthday

Jimin's selfie with the flowers his father sent him

Mr Park, Jimin's father, never forgets his son's birthday and always makes sure to send him a bouquet along with a handwritten note. We have seen the singer share that his father sent him flowers with a big smile on his face throughout the years. Once, he even wrote a heartfelt letter in English and showed just how much he loved his son. In the letter, he wrote,

My lovely son, Please take care of yourself, and I hope you will achieve everything in life you want. I love you

 How sweet is Jimin's father?!

2) Long phone calls

During BTS's show 'Bring the Soul' in Newark, Mr Park called his son and offered to bring him food. Jimin assured him that they had everything they required and asked his dad to look after himself instead of worrying about him. His dad ended the call by cheering 'fighting!'. Afterwards, the singer was smiling brightly. How cute!

3) Exchange of messages between Jimin and his father

Messages between Jimin and dad

In 2015, Jimin posted his parent's messages to him before their concert began on Twitter. His father can be seen expressing his love and encouraging his son. On another occasion, his father said,

Through phone and texts, we constantly tell each other we love each other, and we also express it in person too

Honestly, don't we all want a father like him?

4) Letting his son pursue his dream

In an interview, the singer's father shared that he accepted his son's dream after reading him describe his future. Mr Park said,

"Let me first explain how he was accepted to the Busan Arts High School. In middle school, there was a time where he had to write about his future. In his paper, he wrote that he wanted to go to Busan Arts High School and learn to dance and use that background and combine it with music to become a singer or a celebrity. His paper was very detailed, and I think this was the start of his dream to become an idol"

He admitted that Jimin was a good dancer and singer from a young age. Eventually, he let Jimin pursue his dream career as a way of respecting his son's wishes.

Which moment was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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