The incredible body transformation of BTS member RM

The incredible body transformation of BTS member RM

For an ARMY like myself, RM has always been the tall, skinny and handsome leader that I’ve come to love and adore. But in recent years, fans have noticed a huge change in the 26-year-old’s physique. Read the full story below!

  • Kim Namjoon, better known as RM is a member and leader of global K-pop sensation BTS.
  • He was born in Ilsan, South Korea and has a younger sister named Kim Geong Min.
  • The rapper has a body fat rate of 15% and a net worth of $20 million.
Source: Getty Images/Dia Dipasupil

The Korean rapper recently posted an update regarding his health checkup on 24th October 2020 on the Weverse app. The application is a way for fans and artists to directly communicate with each other.

RM said that he gained 7.7 pounds as compared to 2019 but it was all muscle gain, putting him at 162 pounds as compared to the 154 of last year.

Source: BTSWeverseTrans via Twitter

I still can't get over this old clip of him flexing. Look at those biceps! *drool*

In an old video, Jin teased RM about not working out to which he exclaimed that he used to work out the most before their debut. What wouldn’t I give to see that view!

In the bonus behind-the-scenes episode of Run BTS: Episode 70, RM was seen doing sit-ups, burpees and squats along with Jimin, Jin, Jungkook and Taehyung. It’s evident that Namjoon is taking care of his body a lot, see the comparison below!

RM in 2015. Source: RAPMONSTHURR 

RM in 2020. Look at those biceps! *swoon*

The rapper mentioned working out as one of his hobbies in the BTS 7-second interview released on November 25, 2020 by their official YouTube channel, BANGTANTV. What a handsome hunk!

Namjoon talking about his new favourite hobby. Source: BANGTANTV

I still can't over his physique in these body-fitted clothes. I'm sure I'm not the only one! Here's a Twitter thread to appreciate this gorgeous man more:

While walking up the stairs is no less than a workout for me, I hope the leader’s incredible transformation can be a motivation for all ARMYs. Do you think there will be an ab reveal soon? Tell us what you think!

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