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The hilarious story of Suga almost getting married to a fan!

The Bangtan boys are known to have flirtatious encounters with their fans. However, Suga's romantic encounters with a girl made their 30 million followers go crazy! Want to know more details about the lucky girl? Watch the video below to find out!

  • BTS debuted in 2013 with its song ‘No More Dream’
  • Since then, the group has grown to having a net worth of $100 million and a fanbase of over 30 million individuals!
  • Marriage proposals and luxurious gifts are often a part of BTS’ interactions with its fandom 
  • One such interaction got fans super excited! 

If you are a BTS fan, there are some ways you can meet your idols! You can go to a concert where they perform, or to the airport just to see them for a few seconds. However, there is an even better way which is attending a fan sign event! 

Jungkook with a fan 

At fan signs, you can get a chance to not only see BTS but also talk to all seven members individually! Many fan signs have been held since BTS debuted in 2013. However, the fan sign event on May 17th 2014 will always be legendary! 

Yoongi at fan sign event in 2014

During the event, Suga was peacefully drinking water as a fan called him a ‘dangerous man’ who should be sued for his sharp looks!

BTS performing Boy With Luv

He could not help but blush as he heard this. Throughout the event, Suga could be seen smiling and trying to hide his excitement. In fact, he took his chances and looked at her many times during the event! 

However, this was not it. The fan attended many other fan signs and at every encounter, she openly confessed her feelings for Suga. One day, the K-pop star also responded to her, innocently asking her if she was going to sue him first or report him to the police. Every fan knew that Suga also liked talking to her. 

Yoongi's comeback shoot

Fans were surprised to see these adorable interactions! They started hoping that Suga and the fan would get married.

Well, did they get married?

Sadly, no. The fan got married to someone else, and she even told Suga about it during her last fan sign event. The young rapper looked a bit sad hearing the news but offered to attend her wedding. She gently refused the offer saying she will not be able to get married seeing Suga in front of her. Are you crying already? Me too!



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