The hidden talent of BTS' Jungkook The hidden talent of BTS' Jungkook

The hidden talent of BTS' Jungkook

You already know that Jungkook is excellent at dancing and singing. He is clearly very athletic. We found out that he has yet another cool skill! Could he be the most dangerous K-Pop idol on Earth? Keep reading below to find out why! 

  • Jungkook has been training in martial arts since he was a kid.
  • The talented singer and dancer achieved a black belt in Taekwondo.
  • Jungkook and Jimin are the only members of BTS who have had high training in a martial arts.

 Martial arts skills

Jungkook wearing his Taekwondo outfit

Surprisingly, Jungkook trained for eight years to learn Taekwondo. It is a martial art that focuses on high kicks. These kicks can be high enough to reach the height of a standing person's head. This Korean martial art is really hard to master and Jungkook is a blackbelt in it. This means Jungkook is very strong and flexible. He also has a lot of dedication since it takes years to get to the black belt level. What's more amazing is that Jungkook mastered this difficult skill at a really young age! He was skilled in Taekwondo even before he started dancing.

He is a red and black belt in Taekwondo

There are different ranks in Taekwondo according to skill level. These ranks are represented by colored belts, going from novice to grandmaster. The white belt is for beginners. The most advanced belts are red and then black. However, some Taekwondo systems have red as the highest belt or a mix of red and black as the junior black belt. In this kind of system, the red and black belt comes before the black belt. This means that Jungkook is a junior expert in Taekwondo. That's so amazing! It's hard to imagine how a person can be so incredibly multi-talented.

The reason behind Jungkook learning Taekwondo

Jungkook is naturally very athletic. We see him pull off incredible dance routines effortlessly on stage all the time. It's no wonder that he mastered such a difficult master art when he was younger. In one interview, Jungkook said he wanted to be like "Vinsmoke Sanji." This is a character from the world-renowned anime called One Piece.

Why Jungkook likes Sanji

Sanji went through intense training since his childhood, which led him to become extremely flexible and strong. The training Sanji underwent was so hard that his physical abilities became superhuman. This character also uses a range of kicks in his attacks, similar to what is taught in Taekwondo. It's so cute how Jungkook was inspired by an anime character!

Jungkook never fails to surprise us with new skills. He is so talented. I wonder what other secret abilities he has. Jungkook is so mysterious, and I love it! What about you? Check out Jungkook's art skills below!

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