Winter and her new puppy.

The girls of Aespa reveal intimate secrets of their life together

The new girls from SM Entertainment continue their endless rounds of radio and television interviews to promote their debut single "Black Mamba." In each of them, we have the opportunity to get to know the member Aespa a little more. If you continue reading, we will update you with some new anecdotes from the band.  

  • Karina, Ning Ning, Winter, and Giselle make up the new K-pop group that debuted on November 17th under the management of SM Entertainment.
  • The Korean-Japanese-Chinese band is betting on a new concept of augmented reality that aims to present 4 more members but virtual in the form of avatars assigned to the girls to engage with fans on social media.
  • We are still waiting for the launch of the "ae" but we suspect that its delay is due to some controversies that have arisen around the development of these new technologies. (you can read our article about it here)
Aespa's human and virtual members.

On December 22nd, a fun interview that the four Aespa members gave for KBS Indonesia aired on KBS' YouTube Channel, where we can see the idols relaxed and natural telling details about their beginnings in Lee Soo Man's company and also about their lives in the dorm they share as a group.

It is not easy to suddenly live with people that you don't really know.

The big entertainment companies usually house their idols, who before the debut already have to live together for reasons of schedules and comfort.

The training routines and press conferences are really hectic, so it is best to have all the artists in a group in the same place to avoid late arrivals and complications.

In the case of Aespa, they are just 4, but imagine large groups like Exo? Nine boys sharing a house. What madness!

Aespa having Christmas fun at home.

During the interview for the Korean broadcasting system based in Indonesia, Karina, Ning Ning, Winter, and Giselle were the protagonists of a very particular anecdote.

Apparently, Winter and Ning Ning are the ones who go to bed later and that is why between chatter in the beds they have the opportunity to see and hear their band mates sleep.

Well, sleep and a few more things LOL.

The idols revealed that both Karina and Giselle talk in their dreams! This is something quite common in fact, we all make some noise while we sleep and even laugh.

Giselle from Aespa.

What is striking is that the rapper of the group, the Japanese Giselle apparently has food cravings while dreaming.

Could it be because of the restrictive diets that idols have to undergo to stay in shape?

The fact is that apparently the words that came out unintentionally Uchinaga Eri were Car-bo-na-ra (but in Korean), strange right?

The 20-year-old idol roundly denied the facts with laughter but finally, Winter revealed that has proof of what happened, as she recorded it.

Aespa girls having fun together.

We would love to hear that audio file.

Apparently, the Aespa girls are enjoying their new idol lives and have managed to establish a good relationship with each other. That's the spirit!

You can watch Aespa's full interview for KBS below!


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