V and Hitman Bang

The game changing advice BTS owner gave to Kim Taehyung!

Kim Taehyung, the 25-year-old idol is a part of world-famous boy band BTS. Bang Si-Hyuk, commonly referred to as Hitman Bang, is the owner of BTS. He is a South Korean composer, lyricist, and producer. BTS, being the first group to debut under his consultancy is very close to him. The group has learned a lot from him and continue to do so. Recently V, the group's second-youngest member shared a behind story about Hitman Bang giving him songwriting advice. Let’s dive into dig-in what Bang PD said to V!  

  • BTS V was born in Daegu on 30th December 1995 and has two younger siblings.
  • Taehyung is supported by his family, and he idealizes his father the most.
  • He has an impressive fashion sense and is 5'10" tall.
  • Bang Si-Hyuk has a net worth of $770 million.

As we all know that BTS has transcended all language and sociocultural barriers through their music. This is why the group was selected as a presenter for WSJ. Magazine’s special November issue.

Well Army, the cover shoot is amazing, isn't it?


So during an in-person interview, the band member V shared an inside story of Bang Si-Hyuk giving him advice. V said that one day he received a phone call from Hitman Bang.

At that time, V was working on his song Stigma from BTS album Wings. 


Just as an overview, Stigma was a song about regret and pain. Don't you guys remember crying your eyes out while watching the Stigma short film? It was so emotional to watch!

V told that Hitman Bang asked him to tone down the song because he thought it was too dark. Oh! How darker could it be? *Cries*


Upon hearing this, the second-oldest member Suga showed his surprise as he said "How come he never says things like that to me?” Lol!
To this RM replied: "Because that’s (your) personality".


Well, we know that Suga is not the type of guy to shy away. He says what he wants to say, and we love him for that.


But on the other hand, Taehyung has a soft cute image. Yeah, he can blow our minds away with his duality but usually, he is the cutest!

Also, this instance tells us about the close bond between BTS and Bang Si-Hyuk.

Check out this video from WSJ. Magazine for BTS to know more about it!

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