Lisa and Jisoo in a concert

The funniest highlights of Lisa and Jisoo in front of the camera

Does their friendship remind you of the cartoon series, Tom and Jerry? Lisa and Jisoo are always at each other's throats! Thai fans adore their playful sibling-like relationship. It's adorable to see how they get along. How many times have they dissed each other? Read below to find out!

  •  Jisoo was born on January 3rd, 1995, making her the oldest member of Blackpink.
  •  Lisa's birthday falls on March 27th, 1999. She was born in Bangkok, Thailand. 
  • The eldest singer loves to find new ways to prank Lisa. She once locked her out of their dorm at YG Entertainment. 
  • These two members argue the most out of the 4 girls, but also love each other the most. 

1. Jisoo's savage remark for Lisa

Jisoo and Lisa in the practice room

'Your English is a pity!' she jokingly taunted Lisa.

During an episode of Blackpink's Summer Diary, the two members teased each other. The eldest made fun of the youngest girl for messing up her English. It was a light-hearted comment, and they all laughed it off. Watch the video of it here!

Lisa is the one who helps Jisoo in improving her spoken English. Aren't they just so cute?

2. Lisa making fun of Jisoo's hobbies!

Jisoo and Lisa shopping together

 'All she (Jisoo) does is play games on her phone!' Lisa complained to the fans.

The 26-year-old singer loves to play mobile games in her spare time. However, this hobby was not approved by her group-mate! The youngest took a chance during a reality show and exposed Jisoo's gaming addiction. Click here to see the video!

Are there any games you are addicted to?

3. Jisoo rating Lisa's make-up skills

Jisoo and Lisa during a safari

'I will give you a 3 out of 5.' The singer ranked her junior.  

It’s safe to say that Lisa was not pleased with the ranking. Oh no, did she really get upset? The star was clearly hurt! She told Jisoo that her make-up skills were not good either. Ouch? 

To this, the eldest member playfully choked the rapper during a livestream on VLIVE. Don't worry, it's all fun and games. These two can't take each other seriously! How beautiful is their bond? Read more about it here!


Lisa and Jisoo in America

I find their dynamic to be super entertaining. Lisa and Jisoo easily are my favorite duo of the group. They take care of each other and also encourage one another during hard times. What else does one need? Do you have a friend that reminds you of this playful pair? Comment below!

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