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The fight Jimin had with his dad to join BTS

Do you have any idea how difficult it was for Jimin to become a K-pop star? He is very close to his father in his family, who wanted him to study science. Despite supporting him in every life decision, his father opposed his decision of becoming an idol. Scroll down to get full story here!  

  • The handsome K-pop idol has an estimated net worth of $20 million at a young age of 25.
  • Jimin learned contemporary dance in school and impressed his teachers with his talent. He wanted to become a singer and a dancer from a very young age. 
  • The 5'8" tall artist is famous among the Army as the 'Caring Fairy' due to his warm and caring nature.
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Jimin's dad gave an interview to Busan Arts School magazine and revealed some interesting facts about his relationship with his son. He revealed that Jimin was exceptionally well in contemporary dance which made him and his teachers proud.

No wonder, he is such an amazing dancer. His dance moves are always so smooth and striking.

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Hearing this, the interviewer asked him about Jimin's talents and the opposition towards him becoming an idol. Jimin's dad said,

Yes. Jimin was very good at contemporary dance since his acceptance to the school. He also had the talent for all forms of dance as well. When he expressed wanting to go down a path of public dance rather than just pure dancing, it felt like I was losing a genius. I also couldn’t help but think about just how hard a dance singer’s path is and how success is not guaranteed in this type of work. That is why I was against his decision. I didn’t know he would succeed like he is now. Either way, Jimin is a type of student who puts in his all in whatever he does. He is where he is now because of his continuous efforts as BTS. 

Jimin in Blood, Sweat and Tears era

Jimin truly is so talented and hardworking. 

The interviewer then asked his dad about how he agreed to Jimin's decision of opting for the idol career. To this, his dad answered by telling about how he got into Busan High School,

Let me first explain how he was accepted to the Busan Arts High School. In middle school, there was a time when he had to write about his future. In his paper, he wrote that he wanted to go to Busan Arts High School and learn dance and use that background and combine it with music to become a singer or a celebrity. His paper was very detailed, and I think this was the start of his dream to become an idol. Of course, he was good at dancing and singing from a young age. In fifth grade, he would sing Maya’s “Azalea”karaoke, and he was able to sing the high notes very well.

Jimin at the award show

He further explained,

Truthfully, because he was good at math and science, I wanted him to go to a science high school and study more. But that didn’t mean that I was against his wishes. Because his paper about his future was so perfect (laughs) I couldn’t oppose it and decided to respect his decision. Jimin used honorific speech since he was young and was quite an adult-like child, so I allowed him to do as he pleased. I guess you could say we caught on to our child’s talent at a young age.

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We are so glad to know that Jimin's dad trusted him, and we got blessed with such an amazing artist and especially a wonderful band BTS.

This is not only an inspirational story but a great lesson to all the parents and youngsters who wish to achieve something in their lives.

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Thank you, Jimin's dad. Just like you, we are super proud of him too! He is an inspiration to so many of us and his touching songs makes us keep going!
What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments down below and check out Jimin's amazing dance performance at an award show!

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