BTS at the Grammys red carpet

The evolution of BTS' style at the Grammy Awards

The members of the K-pop band are not only amazing musicians, but also style icons. Whatever these guys wear, it just fits them so well that nobody can take their eyes off them. Starting from the classic Tuxedos to trendy Louis Vuitton suits, we covered everything.Scroll down to take a look at the amazing evolution of BTS' style at the Grammy Awards since 2019!

  • In 2019, BTS made their first-ever Grammy appearance at the 61st edition of the Award show.
  • They presented the award for Best R&B Album at 2019's Grammy stage. They were the first Koreans ever to do it.
  • The members rocked the stage with Dynamite's performance at the Grammys this year. They appeared on stage with the Lil Nas X in 2020 for a short time despite their extreme anticipation at the show.
BTS, the style icons

2019 classic Korean Tuxedo look:

BTS at the Grammys Red Carpet 2019

BTS lit the Grammys red carpet in 2019 in their classic custom-made Korean Tuxedos. The minimal accessories and their colored hair were the cherry on top. They all looked dapper in custom fits made by the two Korean designers,  JayBaek Couture and Kim Seo Ryong.

BTS looking extremely handsome

Jin, RM, V, Jungkook, and Jimin wore the suits designed by JayBaek Couture while J-Hope preferred going with Seo Ryong's design. Since this was their first-ever Grammy appearance, they were super excited!

2020 iconic Bottega Veneta's collection look:

BTS at the Grammys Red Carpet 2020

As soon as the band stepped over the red carpet in 2020, fans all around the world were shocked to see the minimalistic look. Everyone had different, and we loved each one of them equally.

BTS posing for pictures

V and Jungkook's Gothic black look, Suga's gold hair matched with his inner shirt, RM and Jin's long coats, and J-Hope and Jimin's black fits with golden-brown hair were mind-blowing!

2021 glamorous Louis Vuitton look:

BTS at the Grammys Red Carpet 2021

This year's look of BTS was the most special one since they were not only performing on the Grammy stage for the first time but were also nominated for the category of Best Pop Duo Performance 2021. All of them looked extremely charming in their Virgil Abloh's Fall 2021 Louis Vuitton suits. Their looks were topped by the cute and classy touches like RM's clingy teddy bear, J-Hope's big green fabric flower, and Jimin's tiny car model. Standing together with the pride of being the Grammy nominees in their designer clothes, the members looked more handsome than the runway models!

BTS, the best!

"Clothes look good on people who have a good heart'"

 Their sweet smiles for the fans made them look incredibly charming. These boys just stole our hearts. Despite topping the charts and the highest sales worldwide, they couldn't win the Grammys 2021, but they won everyone's hearts. Even their powerful performance proved that the industry needs them and not the other way around So, who  is the real winner

BTS posing for the fans

We loved how they changed their style depending on the year. Which style did you liked the most? Check out the power-packed performance of BTS at the Grammys 2021!

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