The most handsome man in the world, BTS' Kim Taehyung

The doppelgänger of Kim Taehyung who is also a K-Pop singer!

Are you madly in love with the BTS member V and looking for someone exactly like him? Well, then you’re in luck! Taehyung has a twin and it’s none other than the K-pop idol, Baekhyun. Keep scrolling to find out the shocking similarities between the two!

  • V and Baekhyun are the most loved members of their respective bands, BTS and EXO. 
  • The two talented vocalists have also established a successful solo career for themselves. Taehyung has composed hit singles like ‘Sweet Night’. Baekhyun also made his Billboard 'Hot 100' chart debut with his song ‘Young’.
  • Tae has a higher net worth of $20 million compared to Baek’s $9 million.
The resemblance between V and Baek

When BTS first debuted in 2013, fans couldn’t help but notice how similar V and Baekhyun looked. In fact, people even thought that the two were brothers. Even though V is three years younger than Baekhyun, the two had similar physiques. At that time Taehyung revealed that he was honored to be compared to the talented idol.

V and Baek in blonde hair

Now, seven years down the line, the resemblance seemed to have faded a little. The two have matured a lot and V has even grown an inch taller than Baek. Do you think that they still look exactly alike?

V and Baekhyun's cute selfie together

Their striking features are not the only thing they have in common. V and Baekhyun also share the same bubbly personality. They are the entertainers of the group and are known for their quirk behavior. 

The two are also known to be the ‘Kings of Duality’. They can transform from cute fluff balls to intimidating men at the snap of a finger. 

V and Baekon are not just talented vocalists but also brilliant actors. They both have stared in historic dramas, another reason why the fans mix up the two idols. Tae made an appearance in ‘Hwarang’ and Baekhyun stared in ‘Moon Lover’. Both the dramas were aired in 2016.

V and Baek hugging during an award show

You would be surprised to know that V and Baeki are good friends of each other. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the two stars could collaborate together? You can watch their sweet interactions at award shows by clicking the video below!

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