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The deep meaning behind J-Hope's new song 'Blue Side'

Three years after the release of the exciting and fun-filled mixtape, Hope World, the 27 years old rapper from BTS has released a calm and soothing song, 'Blue Side' for the fans. With its sudden release, the fans are trending hashtags like 'Hobi', '3YearsWithHopeWorld' with over 400K tweets in the top 2 positions on Twitter, worldwide. The fans are not only surprised at the release of the song but also at the secret meaning K-pop singer is trying to convey! Scroll down to find out the deep meaning behind the song!

  • J-Hope released his first-ever mixtape, Hope World on March 1st, 2018.
  • In 2021, Blue Side is the first song released by any BTS member.
  • He has captured his raw thoughts in the song making it warmer for the fans to hear. 

On March 1st, 2021, at the third anniversary of Hope World, J-Hope has dropped a massive surprise for the fans in the form of an amazing song, 'Blue Side'. 

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The song has a subtle vibe as it has the much-anticipated vocals of him layered up with soft tunes of wind chimes.

J-Hope performing on stage

It starts off with him talking about his passion for music. Due to the passion his younger self had, the K-pop star didn't use to struggle while making new songs. He talks about his bubbly persona which was energetic enough to create tonnes of beautiful songs without much pressure. It depicts the era of Hope World where he compiled all his songs himself without feeling any burden.

J-Hope on stage

But as time passes, the 5'10" tall singer explains that the process is getting overwhelming for him. The reason for this feeling is the redundant routine and schedule. This way he tells the fans that due to the longing he has for them, he sometimes struggles to move forward and work on his music. We acknowledge the effort he puts into each of his songs, and we love him so much for this!

Everyone is aware of how passionate BTS is about music. Each of the band members says that music is their life. However, with the current pandemic situation, their work is becoming monotonous for them. By sharing his true feelings with the fans, J-Hope supports them by explaining how he feels the same in this quarantine. 

J-Hope on the shoot

Moving towards the ending part of the song, he talks about how he wants to hold the fans closer to him as he says,

I will make you be in my blue dream, Even if I am told that you are not visible to me.

And this way, he expresses that in the end, fans are the dearest to him. This boy has made us cry real hard, but we are happy that he is expressing himself and has gifted us such a masterpiece!

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and check out 'Blue Side' if you haven't already!

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