Jin and Jungkook laughing Jin and Jungkook laughing

The day when Jin made Jungkook cry

Jin and Jungkook definitely have one of the best relationships in the band. The 28-year-old oldest, Jin, and 23-year-old youngest, Jungkook, are like bread and butter. However, in a recent incident, Jin did something that shattered Jungkook to the core! Are you curious to find what Jin did that made Jungkook so sad? Read to find the answer!

  • Jin, born in 1992, and Jungkook, born in 1997, are often called Jinkook by their fans.
  • They both contribute $20 million each to the group's net worth of $450 million.
  • The 5'10" members are known as the funniest duo in the group.


BTS in the recent RUN episode

In a recent RUN Episode, BTS members had to take pictures according to the clues they found. Jungkook being the best friend to Jin helped him in many photos. In return, he got a lot of help from him.

What did Jin do?

Jin pouting while he sabotages everyone's mission

Jin was actually a spy. He had to be in as many pictures as possible to sabotage their mission. He was in almost all of Jungkook's photos, which meant Jungkook lost most of his hard-earned points. 

How did Jungkook react?

Jungkook inspecting pictures

Jungkook was initially in disbelief. He was shocked to the core to find he had been betrayed by his best friend. Later that turned into anger. Jungkook screamed and banged the board that had his photos on the chairs. He even kicked the board to show his frustration.

Playfully obviously. Jungkook can never hurt anyone, and we know that. By the end, he was almost in tears. Poor Googie, he lost more points for his honesty. 

Army reaction memes

What's the best way to show your love for BTS? Make memes! That's what Army did. Here are some hilarious ones.

Jungkook's reaction after finding out Jin was the spy.

Be sure to check out the RUN episode here. 
For now, enjoy Jin's new song Abyss below!

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