The controversy behind Jisoo’s K-drama “Snowdrop”

“Snowdrop” starring K-pop idol Jisoo and “One Soring Night” star Jung Hae recently started production. Why is the JTBC series is already sparking controversy? Keep reading as we reveal the mysteries behind the scenes!

  • Kim Ji-soo is a South Korean singer and actress, who’s better known as Jisoo. She is the oldest member of the girl band, making her debut in August 2016 as a member of Blackpink.
  • The 5ft4 tall beautiful artist has an estimated net worth of approximately $9 million.
  • “Snowdrop” the JTBC new K drama reunites the incredible duo behind last year’s Netflix hit “Sky Castle,” writer Yoo Hyun-mi and director Cho Hyun-tak.
  • The series is set to air early 2021 if the pandemic and controversy allows.
Blackpink's Jisoo from K-pop star to leading actress

While Blackpink fans are over the moon with Jisoo landing her first leading role in a K-drama, the creative team behind the series are being criticized and people are comparing the show with previous hit “Crash Landing on You”.

“Snowdrop” is a historical romance based on the real life biography of a political prisoner who escaped from North Korea.

Netflix hit "One Spring Night" actor Jung Hae-in will play Jisoo lover!

Set in the 80s, the series will mix a love story with exacting ingredients of drama, action and a romantic story of a couple who meet at the university and help each other.

Jung Hae-in will play Im, the leading male role and co-star of Jisoo. His character is a top university student who mysteriously appears in the middle of a female dormitory covered in blood. Jisoo plays a bright student who treats his wounds and helps him. The plot sounds really exciting!

K-drama "Crash Landing On You" also got people talking!

However, South Korean audiences are accusing the show of glamorizing the complicated political situation between North Korea and South Korea. They compared the drama with “Crash Landing On You” that also romanticized the complex situation

Jisoo’s fans shouldn’t worry because the series has already started production, and we will soon enjoy watching the K-pop star in her awaited debut as leading actress.

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