Kim Taehyung aka V and Harry Styles wearing a similar suit

The bond between Kim Taehyung and Harry Styles

They are both young, rich and famous. The English singer is known for his abnormal outfits. V from BTS is called 'King Gucci' for a reason. How these amazing singers respect, admire and sometimes even copy each other, below! 

  • Kim Taehyung was born on December 30, 1995, in Bisan-dong, South Korea.
  • Just like the British singer, Harry Styles, V is often seen wearing Gucci attire
  • Both Harry and Kim gravitate towards a gender-fluid style of dressing up. Harry Styles'  2019 Met Gala look and V's yellow blouse from Acne Studios' was chosen from the women's collection.
L-R: Harry Styles wearing a black sheer chiffon blouse with high rise pants. Kim Taehyung wearing a pastel yellow blouse with white frills from the collection designed by Acne Studio for women.


V and Harry Styles rocking the bell-bottom trousers

We all know how much Harry Styles loves his bell-bottom trousers. It seems like V has also decided to jump on the bandwagon. The singer wore a green outfit in the music video of Dynamite. These two will, for sure, bring back the bell-bottom trend. 

Harry Styles wearing a Gucci suit at his concert

Sweater Vests

Harry Styles and Kim Taehyung have paired sweater vests with wide-leg pants

This fall season, fall for the latest fashion trend of wearing sweater vests. I am not sure if it was the TikTok influencers or these two that started the trend, nonetheless, we are loving it! Pair it with your favorite high-waisted pants and Viola! You have got your favorite idol’s look. I mean, they look so good!

V wearing a cozy outfit as he strolls through the city

Patterned Shirts and Bandana

V and Harry sporting a matching look, wearing patterned black shirts with bandanas

I’m pretty sure that if you were to look at any boy band, you’d find at least one band member sporting this look. Do you not miss Harry’s long hair? V’s looking perfect as ever in this picture. I wish my skin could look like this!

V paired a red bandana with his blue hair

Military Jacket

Both the artists performing like wearing a military jacket

These jackets take me back to the Michael Jackson era. Oh, how I miss those days. It has been a statement piece for various artists, including Freddy Mercury, The Weekend, and Kanye West. Don't they look like a modern-day prince to you?

V posing for the camera

Hey Army, do you think they share a similar sense of style? Because to us, they do! Well as you browse through the internet trying to make your case, enjoy their song ‘Life Goes On’ below!

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