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The amazing story of Jin's brother

Siblings have a love-hate relationship with each other. This is the case with BTS Jin and his elder brother, Kim Seok Jung. Scroll down to find more about their cute bond!

  • The Dynamite singer's brother is two years older than him.
  • He runs a Japanese style restaurant with Jin called Ossu Seiromushi.
  • Jin is the director of the restaurant while his brother is the CEO.

Jin talking about his brother:

Jin and his brother

On March 24th, BTS appeared on tvN's show, 'You Quiz On The Block'. They shared their experiences from the trainee days at the show. Jin also talked about his childhood and said that he used to hate his elder brother when he was young. But now they are very close to each other.

Up until high school, my brother was the person that I disliked the most. He would always be mean to me, but now he’s like, ‘Aigoo(Ohh)~Seokjin-nim! Thanks to you, Seokjin-nim~

Just to tease his brother, Jin made it sound like if his brother begs him so in his defense, his elder brother shared a post on Instagram with a following caption:

Hello, this is (former) the most hated person (current) begging man. I am posting this because there are some clarifications that need to be made. I am not that weak to beg like that. Don’t bother your younger siblings with force just because you were born first in that short period of time. The order of birth is not to be trusted, so always be nice in advance.

He even shared a screenshot of their chat after the show, and it was hilarious!

We love how they are adorably fighting over it. This clearly shows how their relation is more like friendship.

Kim Seok Jung's thank you message:

BTS Jin attends his brother's wedding

In August 2020, Jin's brother got married. At the wedding ceremony, Jin was Marriage officiant. So to thank him later, his brother playfully shared an Instagram post and mentioned that he did not have any plans to sing with him.

I had no intention of singing with my ’round’ and ‘wink-loving’ little brother who hosted my wedding, but 8Eight’s Hyun Hyungnim set up an emotional stage. 

We just can't stop gushing over the way he is calling Jin 'round' and 'wink-lover', *chuckles*. It was the peak of sibling behavior!

We absolutely love the way they start bickering over the smallest matters in the funniest way possible. This is what makes the siblings bond stronger, and we can totally see how both of them are so close to each other.

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and check out the video where Jin is talking about his brother!


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