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The amazing comeback of Jungkook after 7 long years

Did you know Jungkook used to be a rapper when BTS debuted? You can still find Jungkook's passion for rapping through his occasional appearances as a rapper. On the New Year's Eve Live concert, Jungkook took over for Suga and rapped his part in 'Best of me'. Curious to find how Army reacted to it? Read below to check out Armys' reaction!

  • In 2013, Jungkook rapped in BTS' debut song 'No more dream'.
  • The 23-year-old is now the lead singer and lead dancer of the group.
  • Jungkook previously joined the rappers in one of their performance for 'Ddaeng'.
Jungkook being a cutie on stage

Best of me is one of BTS' song that always gives us goosebumps. BTS blessed Army by performing it right before the clock struck midnight in South Korea. Jungkook smoothly covered Suga's rap in the song.

Although Suga was present at the concert, he only participated in a few performances because he is still recovering. Army thinks Jungkook's rap was the highlight of their performance.

Armys' reaction to Jungkook's Best of Me performance

Honestly, we were surprised when we heard him rap Yoongi's part so smoothly. Some said his rap in 'Best of me' saved 2020!

We agree with them! We can see Jungkook's passion for performing through this song. He sang, danced, and rapped perfectly. His pink top made it look like the cherry on top of 2020. It's no surprise that Army started trending Rapper Jungkook! After all BTS has more than 30 million followers on their Twitter for a reason. 

Check out BTS' performance of Best of me below!

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