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The activity BTS' Suga isn't allowed to do

The K-pop star's shoulder surgery was definitely a life-changing event for him! The rapper is facing a hard time dealing with it because his most desired passion is no longer reachable. Continue reading to find out how Suga is coping with this change in his life!  

  • During his trainee days Suga worked part-time as a pizza delivery boy to afford his expenses in Seoul.
  • One night while delivering pizza Suga got into an accident and injured his shoulder.
  • Over time the injury worsened and in November 2020 Suga underwent surgery.
Suga as a pizza delivery boy 

Suga has been in a lot of pain since his trainee days! He suffered an accident during his pizza delivery job. However, because the rapper didn’t inform his team about this injury, it wasn’t treated properly and the pain worsened over time. Why he didn’t tell anyone? Well, poor Suga was afraid that he might be kicked out if they found out that he injured his shoulder during his "free time". 

As time passed, Suga’s injury became serious, and he started feeling a lot of pain. He finally decided to undergo surgery in November 2020. Suga stayed in rehab for months after surgery. However, he is back now and feels much better! There is one thing that he can’t do anymore. Drinking coffee! Suga says:

 "I tried it, and it made my heart beat too fast, and I felt nauseated. It went on the entire day." 

V and Suga

Nowadays, Suga can only drink decaffeinated coffee! On the bright side, V has someone he can share his inability to drink coffee with. He just doesn't like it!   Now V will not feel alone as his hyung (Korean for brother) has joined him in the no-coffee-club!


Suga's photoshoot for BE

It is sad how Suga can’t drink his favorite drink, but luckily he is getting better day by day from his shoulder. What is that one food item that you can’t live without? Leave your comment below!


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