The Star of BLACKPINK, the new Lisa's nickname given by the fashion industry

The fashion industry has noticed the massive Lisa's influence. The Idol is now considered the Star of BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK's popularity is insane. Despite being on hiatus, all the members drive the Internet crazy with their posts on social media. These beautiful ladies are some of the most relevant influencers of their generation.

A few days ago, Lisa show her giant power during the Paris Fashion Week 2022. The singer of "MONEY" attended the Celine Fashion Show wearing an awesome black outfit. As usual, she looked stunning!

BLACKPINK's Lisa in Paris / Twitter @LSMFRANCE

Immediately, the rapper became the protagonist in the social media conversation. We are in front of a powerful fashion icon. For sure the luxury brand Celine is celebrating the good decision of giving her the global ambassador title. Now Lisa is receiving a new one.

Lisa gets a new nickname: The Star of BLACKPINK

On July 2nd the famous fashion documentalist Loic Prigent dropped on his Youtube channel a short report of the Celine Fashion Show In Paris. Of course, the video needs to talk about the spotlight stealer, Lisa.

In the clip, we can see Bernard Arnault -the Celine owner- being shocked by the huge crowd that was waiting for the Korean celebrities. Then he said:

The Star of BLACKPINK. A worldwide success.

That is not all, Prigent also points out that Lisa is very well known in the fashion industry. He calls her, "one of the most powerful women in fashion". We can see how the press now calls the Idol by her name and even uses Korean to draw her attention.

There is no doubt that Lisa is now a respected and admired fashion icon. We cannot leave without talking about her big impact on the music industry. The rapper was a master key to the global popularity of her group. 

Do you like the new title of Lisa?

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