BTS will teach you how to cook with 'The BTS recipe in Korean' BTS will teach you how to cook with 'The BTS recipe in Korean'

The BTS Recipe in Korean will teach ARMY how to cook delicious food

BTS will have a new show in which you'll learn how to cook with 'The BTS Recipe in Korean'

BTS will keep spreading more about its culture, now they'll have 'The BTS Recipe in Korean' in which the members of the group will teach fans how to cook Korean dishes and more.

The fame and popularity of BTS won't only put the group in the first places of music charts, give them awards or money. There's a lot behind the engagement that the band is having. And through their music and presence on the industry, Bangtan also supports Korean culture.

Bangtan Sonyeondan has a huge impact now, the idol group has changed the mindset about Korea, these artists have promoted Korean culture and that's why they serve as ambassadors of their country.

Tourism has been growing thanks to the Bangtan Boys' popularity and the boy band keeps finding new ways to promote their country and keep helping the goverment and even the economy of South Korea.

And now, BTS is ready for something new, it seems like it'll be a new show to teach ARMY how to cook Korean dishes, this is why you shouldn't miss 'The BTS Recipe in Korean'.

BTS to premiere The BTS Recipe in Korean, a show in which you'll learn how to cook Korean food

HYBE EDU releasded a new traser on its social network profiles, it's all about 'The BTS Recipe in Korean', a new show in which BTS will teach fans how to cook Korean food. This first look has taken the whole attetion of fans.

Let's watch 'The BTS recipe in Korean' it'll be released on April 22, 2022 at 11 AM KST. ARMY is ready to learn something new by Bangtan Sonyeondan's side.

BTS also teachs ARMY how to speak Korean

'The BTS recipe in Korean' is made by the same creators of 'Learn! Korean with BTS', with books and more in which Bangtan Boys teach fans how to speak Korean, write it and more using their TintTAN characters.

Learn! Korean with BTS | Twitter: @btsinthecart

BTS spreads Korean culture well, the idol group also wants to teach fans more about their country and that's how they support Korea and give more original content to their fans.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, did you know that these idols might finnish their military service in just one month? 

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