BTS Jimin in rain BTS Jimin in rain

The 5 most underrated BTS songs you should listen to!

BTS is famous for releasing top hit songs that melt the hearts of listeners. However, there are a number of masterpieces such as 'Lost 'and 'Pied Piper' that didn't receive much attention. Scroll down to check out the amazing yet underrated songs by your favorite K-Pop band!

  • 'Sea' from the album, 'Love Yourself: Her' was about BTS' struggle to be K-pop idols.
  • The group's 2013 release, 'Born Singer' was taken from J.Cole's song 'Born Sinner'. 
  • RM, J-Hope, and Suga participated in the writing of 'Born Singer'.

1) Sea

BTS performing at Muster Concert 2021

The K-pop band released their album 'Love Yourself: Her' back in 2017 and 'Sea' was a part of it. Since it was only available on the album's physical edition, a lot of people who listen to their music online couldn't listen to it. The song couldn't get the recognition it deserved. The imagery of sea and desert in the lyrics and members' breathy vocals create a peaceful scenery in the listener's mind. 'Sea' is a masterpiece, indeed.

2) Born Singer 

BTS performing 'Boy With Luv' 2020

Released on the celebration BTS' one month debut, the band dropped it on July 12th, 2013. It's an emotional song that shows their feeling about making it to the music industry.

The mirage that always seemed so far away is now before my eyes
I’m a born singer, Perhaps an early confession

3) Zero O'clock

BTS at the set of 'Life Goes On' 2020

Out of all the songs on the list, 'Zero O'clock' from the album 'Map of the Soul: 7' is the most recent one as it was released in 2020. The song has a beautiful melody and the lyrics are even more amazing. It talks about how a day changes when the clock strikes twelve at night and with a new day new beginnings proceed.

But this day will be over
When the minute and second hands overlap
The world holds its breath for a little while

The song had even 3 secret messages hidden in the animated music video!

4) Lost

BTS performing at the Halloween festival 2019

The 'Wings' album track, 'Lost' has a magical composition that talks about a person's decisions. It says that how one takes wrong decisions in their life by listening to others and feel lost. But what matters is that how one transforms that wrong into right. 

Constantly pushing without rest within the harsh rainstorms
Lost my way
Within a complicated world without an exit" 

Going through a similar time? Check out this amazing song by BTS.

5) Rain

BTS on the sets of 'Run'

From the album 'Dark and Wild', 'Rain' is a brilliant composition of calm vocals and piano tones. This song creates a gloomy effect on the listener.

It also sheds light on the fact that rainy days remind us of sad memories.

Am I someone who engraved my existence to you like the rain?
If not, am I just someone who came and went like a rain shower?

This incredible piece from the band's discography deserves so much better. Which song did you find the most amazing? Let us know in the comments below and check out their Japanese song, 'Film Out'!


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