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The 5 most generous gestures of BTS members!

The world’s biggest boyband is also known for having the biggest heart! Some of the most surprising donations by the boyband were its $1 million donations for BLM, and the generation of $2.2 million for the LOVE MYSELF campaign in partnership with UNICEF. Other donations made include the $85000 given to Sewol Ferry incident victims’ families and the members’ individual donations for various causes such as promoting education. Continue reading to find out the details regarding their 5 biggest donations ever!

  • BTS debuted in 2013 under extremely hard financial conditions such that the boys had to live in one room!
  • With their hard work and persistence, BTS is now the biggest boyband in the world with a net worth of $100 million 
  • However, they don’t keep all their wealth to themselves. Rather, the band members are actively involved in donating to generous causes!


5) Jimin's donations for education


Jimin is that one member of BTS who generously donates for educational purposes. This is because Jimin couldn’t afford his dance classes pre-debut and his teacher waived off his fees because of his extraordinary talent. He is now trying hard to make sure that other talented people who are not able to pursue their passions due to financial constraints are helped. In 2019, he donated $88000 to the Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education.  

4) Suga's meat drive for orphanages

Suga, the lead rapper of the group, promised his fans that he will treat them with meat once he gets famous. And he fulfilled his promise when on his 26th birthday on March 9th 2018, Suga distributed beef meat to 39 orphanages! What a beautiful way to celebrate one’s birthday, isn’t it?

3) BTS' tribute to Sewol Ferry victims 

One of the most tragic incidents in the history of South Korea occurred on April 16th 2014. A passenger ferry named Sewol Ferry sank while traveling to Jeju Island. As a result of this, more than 300 people were killed. BTS members along with their label’s CEO Bang PD visited the victims’ families. They donated around $85000! This donation was revealed years later in 2020 by the victims’ families. Fans loved BTS for this kind gesture because when BTS made this donation, the members themselves were not financially stable as their career had just begun.

2) Black Lives Matter donations

Suga, Jimin, Jhope, and Jin in the winter package 

BTS surprised everyone when they announced a $1 million donation for BLM in June 2020. The donation was made as a gesture of support towards the black community which is a frequent target of racial injustices, particularly in the USA. Fans of the boyband were moved by this generous donation and they matched the $1 million donations of their idols in just 24 hours! Together, BTS and its fandom donated $2 million to BLM!  

1) LOVE MYSELF campaign 

BTS at the launch of LOVE MYSELF Campaign

Another major donation was made by the boyband and its label as a part of their LOVE MYSELF campaign in 2018. This campaign’s aim is to spread positivity at a time when bullying and self-hate are so prevalent amongst the youth. The LOVE MYSELF campaign collected almost $2.2 million through album sales, worldwide donations, BTS’ donations, and merchandise sales. BTS’ campaign won UNICEF Inspire Award for Best Integrated Campaigns and Events. 


BTS members are some of the most charitable artists in the world and this is the major reason behind their success. They bring the best out of their fans as well and their ARMY fandom is also actively involved in making donations on their idols’ behalf. 

Listen to RM’s speech at the UNICEF for BTS’ LOVE MYSELF campaign:

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