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The 5 most followed male K-Pop idols on Instagram

Social media has the power to make anyone famous regardless of their talent. It comes secondary in my opinion. In today’s world, a celebrity isn’t a celebrity unless he has a reputable fan following on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube because the more followers they have, the bigger is their voice and more is their influence. It has become more like a rat race where everyone’s goal is to have a greater follower count than the other. We have listed down the 5 most followed K-Pop celebrities on Instagram!  

  • K-Pop was born in 1992 when a group of 3 men named Seo Taiji and Boys performed in a Television Talent Contest.
  • Though the judges were not as much impressed but the audience present in the studio and the viewers went crazy after seeing the perfectly synced performance. 
  • Today, K-pop is a multibillion industry who has a massive following not just in Korea but all around the world. Scroll down to find out the 5 most followed male K-Pop idols of 2021.

5. G-Dragon (Big Bang)

Also known as Kwon Ji-Yong, he is the “King of K-pop”. With a total following of 19.8 million, Kwon occasionally uploads selfies and art-related stuff. Ji-Yong likes to restrict captions to emojis only. You will hardly see any long phrased captions under his posts. Going through his feed, you can tell how much the singer loves art. Big Bang’s lead vocalist charges $120,000 per sponsored post.

4. Byun Baek-hyun (EXO)

Byun Baekhyun

The 29-year-old singer, songwriter better known as Baekhyun is one of the most popular EXO members with a following of 21.1 Million. Byun shares glimpses of his work life on Instagram. Some adorable short videos of him trying out new filters are always admired by the fans. The amount he charges per paid post is $130,000. 

3. Sehun (EXO) 

Sehun, EXO

Oh-Sehun popularly known as Sehun is the third most followed celebrity after Jackson and PCY (Park Chan-Yeol) with 22 Million followers on the platform. EXO’s rapper regularly interacts with his fans. From fashion editorials to random real life snaps, Sehun’s feed is a treat for sore eyes. 

2. Park Chan Yeol (EXO)

The rapper’s Instagram has fashion shoot photos and behind-the-scene photos from his work. Besides his professional life, we also get to see his photos with friends. His followers on the social media platform are 23.3 Million.  He easily earns $140,000 per post.

1. Jackson Wang (GOT7)

Jackson Wang posing for a picture

You can call Jackson the “king of Instagram” as he is the most followed male idol on Instagram, and why wouldn't he be, just look at that chiseled jawline. GOT7 singer’s follower count is 24.9 million. Wang’s feed is a mix of professional and personal photos. For a paid post, he charges a whopping $120,000 from the brands. 

Regardless of the number of followers, I think what truly matters is talent. That’s why I think now we have a greater responsibility of following the right people so that the opportunities they deserve to have don't go into someone else’s bucket.

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