The 5 k-pop bands that led to BTS and Blackpink's success was created in the 90s, but that was just the beginning. The new music genre need to be 'polished'. Many bands appeared in time because of the great popularity it obtained. Yet, only some succeeded like: Rain, Wonder Girls, Girls Generation, Psy and BIGBANG. Scroll down to know which ones were the best! 

  • K-pop appeared as a new music genre from South Korea but has expanded all over the world.
  • We have already learned about the K-pop first generation (if not, find the article here in Yaay!), but the second generation was more rowdy.
  • During the next years (from 2008 until 2012) many bands tried to succeed in the business, but only some achieved some kind of stardom.

1. Rain

Rain singing "Rainism". Source: Parsd

He was the first K-pop solo singer. “Rainism” was his most successful single. Another peculiar fact is that he sang in English. His beats were similar to Usher's.

2. Wonder Girls

 The girls' quartet were real stars in the so-called 'the golden age of K-pop'. Their most successful video “Nobody” became the first K-pop song to ever appear on the Billboard Hot 100.

3. Girls Generation

 The band created the scheme which was going to be followed by all the other girls' groups: songs full of love, sweet lyrics and a soft chorus.

4. Psy

Psy horse-riding-dancing. Source: Britannica

 “Gangnam Style” was the K-pop song to make the loudest noise in the USA thanks to the beats and the easy-to-copy-horse-riding dance. It appeared in America and it was played wherever you went and broke the records of views on YouTube with almost 4 billion!


BTS took BIGBANG as their ideal band. They tried to take over the USA first. “Fantastic Baby” was their biggest hit. The song's beats were so good that it even appeared in the show “Glee”.

So, K-pop is traveling through the seas to get to new shores. Everything takes time, but they were clearly in the right path. Let's watch “Gangnam Style” and try to mimic the dance!

Barbara Vivot

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