The 5 best male K-Pop rappers

The 5 best male K-Pop rappers

The K-Pop industry has brought forth some extraordinary rap talents over the past years. Whether you go by how many syllables they can rap per second, or what their flow sounds like to others, there's no denying the charisma and power they have on stage. Keep reading below to see the 5 K-Pop rappers that are so good it blows us away every time.

  • Every K-Pop group has at least one rapper
  • Some of them train for years while others join the industry BEFORE they learn how to rap
  • The fastest K-Pop rapper as of 2021 is Changbin from Stray Kids

5. Bobby of iKON

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Kim Jiwon AKA Bobby is the main rapper of the K-Pop boy group iKON which debuted in 2015. While born in South Korea, he moved to the United States soon after. He won first place on the rap audition show "Show Me The Money 3" and gained many fans after the broadcast. Besides rapping, he also contributes to iKON's lyric and music writing. His rapping may sound harsh and bad-boyish to you at first but in reality he's actually a really nice guy.

4. J-Hope of BTS

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Jung Hoseok AKA J-Hope is part of the rapping trio in BTS. Being a highly skilled dancer prior to his debut, he won a national dance competition in 2008 and eventually gained interest in singing and rapping. That led him to audition to become an idol trainee. J-Hope's rap is full of energy and you can tell he finds great joy in it. His distinctive voice can change pitches in a matter of seconds which makes it very entertaining to listen to.

3. RM of BTS

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Of course RM (formerly 'Rap Monster') can't be missing from this list. Born as Kim Namjoon, he became interested in Hip Hop at the age of 11 and started writing lyrics in school. He eventually became an idol trainee and was joined by Suga and J-Hope who he trained with for three years. Namjoon puts a lot of himself into writing lyrics and producing for BTS. He also released two solo mixtapes. His rap is extremely mesmerizing due to his deep, smoky voice and awesome flow. BTS wouldn't be what it is without him.

2. Suga of BTS

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Suga AKA Min Yoongi is the main rapper in BTS. Suga became interested in rap because of the song "Reggae Muffin" by Stony Skunk and was convinced to join the line of K-Pop rappers after hearing Epik High. He's a songwriter as well as a record-producer and has released two albums under the alias 'August D' so far. His rap is fast and deep with some big emotions and meanings behind it and you immediately can tell that he enjoys himself immensely.

1. JinJin of ASTRO

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Park Jin Woo AKA JinJin is the leader, main rapper, and main dancer of the K-Pop boy group ASTRO which debuted in 2016. He also acts as a singer-songwriter, composer, and model. Before training under Fantagio to become a K-Pop idol, he attended several dance competitions during his early childhood and focused on Practical Dance during High School.

His rap is charismatic and deep, yet fits in very well with the rest of the vocals.

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