We Go by Fromis_9

The 5 best K-Pop songs of 2021 to boost your energy

Some days, you simply feel like doing nothing, except sleeping all day. Nothing better than music to listen to when you need a little motivation to get going. Check out these new K-pop songs to cheer you up!

  • You can always rely on K-pop music to boost your energy.
  • K-pop songs are easy to remember and have catchy phrases, like 'Permission To Dance' from BTS.

1. “Next Level“ by AESPA

“Next Level“ by AESPA

Have loads of homework to finish, an interview to prepare, or something too daunting to start? Say no more, this song will give you the confidence you need to ace every task!  

2. “House Party” by Super Junior 

“House Party” by Super Junior 

This song is literally about quarantine and is perfect to listen to for everyone having a hard time with social distancing and staying at home. Once the second chorus hits, you will be most likely jumping on your bed screaming “House Party” while your neighbors complain about the noise next door. 

3. “We Go” by Fromis_9

3. “We Go” by Fromis_9

As cliché as this may sound, this song is lovely. After hearing the lyrics, you will find it hard not to move from your chair. The lyrics are so catchy and easy to sing along even if you don’t speak Korean.

4. “Not the End” by Highlight

“Not the End” by Highlight

Sometimes meaningful lyrics can be motivational as well. After a pause,, Highlight comes back with their newest album titled “The Blowing” and they do not disappoint. Their song has amazing EDM chorus, and a wonderful beat.

5. “All Good” by ASTRO

“All Good” by ASTRO

ASTRO’s most recent comeback album “All Yours” includes a song composed by the leader and main rapper, Jinjin, that brings out the refreshing energy of the group that made us all fall for them in the first place. You can feel all the love the group have for their fans through the sweet lyrics and upbeat vibes of this song.


There are many other great K-pop songs that came out in 2021 that are total energy boosters as well. This is just a short list to help narrow down the search. Feel free to leave a comment below on which song was your favorite and other songs that boost your energy! Thanks for reading! 

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