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The 5 Most Powerful Male Idols In K-Pop

Jimin, Taemin, Juyeon, Jaemin and Mark are the most popular male idols in America! They are loved all around the world for their charming personalities and great talent. What impact have they had on the K-Pop industry? Watch the video below to find out! 

5. Jaemin from NCT Dream

Jaemin for Ridin MV

He is the most popular member of ‘NCT Dream’ in South Korea. Known for his charming looks and great rap skills, he trained for 5 years under ‘SM Entertainment’. He also wrote lyrics for the song ‘Best Friend’ inspired by his group members. Click here to listen to it now! 

4. Juyeon from The Boyz

Juyeon from The Boyz

The charismatic dancer is one of the best male idols in the K-Pop industry! His stage presence is truly unmatched as compared to other 4th generation groups. Korean netizens think he is one of the best performers on a show called ‘Kingdom’. 

Click here to see him performing the hit-single ‘No Air’. 

3. Mark from NCT 127

Mark from NCT 127

The 21-year-old multitalented star can sing, rap and dance! He’s been a heartthrob since his debut in ‘NCT 127’ in 2016. Mark writes the lyrics for his rap parts and can play guitar too. Wow, he really is gifted! 

Click here to listen to his latest song ‘Gimme Gimme’. 

2. Taemin from SHINEE

Taemin for SuperM

The role model of all idols in K-Pop is Shinee’s Lee Taemin! He is famous for his spectacular dance skills. His song ‘Move’ has more than 600,000 streams on Spotify. Both male and female celebrities did dance covers of his song!

His influence on the music industry is crazy, don't you agree?

1. Jimin from BTS

Jimin for Black Swan MV

The handsome main dancer from BTS is the king of fashion in the K-Pop world! He is the only Korean male idol that has made it into the ‘BOF Business of Fashion’ Top 100 list. The K-Pop star always goes viral for his great sense of style! 

Check out a video of Jimin’s best looks here. Isn’t he the coolest?


Juyeon for a photoshoot

All these male idols are very talented and lead their groups well! It’s nice to see that their dedicated fans always support them. My favorite idol from the list above the Juyeon from The Boyz! I love how passionate he is about being  a great dancer. 

Are there any other male idols you would like to see on this list? Comment below! 


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