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The 5 K-Pop idols who are changing beauty standards

Female idols in the K-Pop industry like Jennie, Seulgi and Nancy are here to challenge beauty standards. These girls have received hate for their skin tone and curvy bodies! How are they changing beauty standards in South Korea? Read below to find out!

1. Jennie from Blackpink

Jennie's post on Instagram

According to Korean beauty standards, idols with milky white skin are praised. Jennie is one of the few artists with a darker shade of brown complexion. In an industry where skin bleaching is common, Jennie loves her natural skin color! 

2. Hwasa from Mamamoo

Hwasa for Elle Korea

The 25-year-old star is gets a lot of hate for wearing revealing clothes. Korean netizens criticze Hwasa for wearing tight and see-through clothing. In an interview with Elle Korea in 2019, the star revealed she’s confident and will wear whatever she wants. 

Wow, isn't her confidence so admirable?

3. Seulgi from Red Velvet 

Seulgi from Red Velvet

After her debut in 2014, Seulgi went viral for her beautiful monolid eyes. In an radio interview, the star revealed at one point she considered getting double eyelid surgery.  Thankfully, she's grown to love her pretty eyes just as they are! 

4. Jihyo from TWICE

Jihyo from TWICE

Korean netizens left negative comments on pictures of the singer's Instagram. They told her to lose weight and get rid of her chubby cheeks! The Korean beauty standards prefer women with thin faces and high cheekbones.

Jihyo loves her cheeks and I think she looks very cute with them. 

5. Nancy from Momoland

Nancy at a music show

 In the K-Pop industry, most female idols have slim figure bodies. Nancy from Momoland is one of the few stars with a curvy body! Korean netizens praised the star's beauty and confidence.


Seulgi for Season's Greetings

I hope the K-Pop industry moves past these old beauty standards and spreads more positivity. There are women of all shapes and sizes in the world and they are all beautiful. My favorite idol from the list is Red Velvet's Seulgi.

Comment your favorite female star below!

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